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W.A.S. Power Rankings ~ Week 12


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In comparison to the AP25, my poll finally had a losing week. Guess it was a good run while it lasted. I decided to post the FOOL2 poll for the rest of the season, but will be posting both the W.A.S and FOOL2 excel sheets at the bottom for those who wish to compare the two. - I am pissed off that LSU was actually able to come back and beat Troy with a 30 point 4th quarter. In my personal opinion LSU is overrated, and as been all year. If they would have lost to Troy, they surely would have been bounced from the AP poll. Instead they won, moved up six spots into the 22nd spot in the poll. On the bright side, I was able to win my $5 bet because Troy was getting 19 points. - If anyone is wondering why Alabama is so low on the polls, all you have to do is look at their out of conference opponents. Which included 5-5 Clemson (I can't believe they were ranked, much less ranked in the top 10 at the start of the season), 2-8 Tulane, 2-9 Western Kentucky, and 4-5 Arkansas State. - Did anyone see the Big East best teams being Cincinnati and Pittsburgh? Anyone? No. Me neither. - Even after losing to BYU, Air Force remains in the polls thanks in a large part to a stellar Control ranking. It doesn't hurt to add BYU's stellar record to their SOS either. [b]FOOL2 Poll Top 25[/b] 1. (1) Texas Tech 2. (2) Texas 3. (4) Florida 4. (3) Oklahoma 5. (7) Ohio St. 6. (10) Georgia 7. (9) Southern California 8. (6) Utah 9. (11) TCU 10. (5) Boise St. 11. (12) Alabama 12. (8) Penn St. 13. (14) Oklahoma St. 14. (13) Missouri 15. (15) Ball St. 16. (18) BYU 17. (27) Oregon St. 18. (20) Michigan St. 19. (17) Florida St. 20. (16) North Carolina 21. (19) Air Force 22. (28) LSU 23. (23) Cincinnati 24. (22) Pittsburgh 25. (43) Boston College [i]Teams Dropped: California, Tulsa, Virginia Tech[/i] [i]Teams in FOOL2 not in AP25:[/i] Florida St., Air Force, Boston College [i]Teams in AP25 not in AP25:[/i] Maryland, Miami (FL), Oregon [i]Highest Risers: Boston College (+18), Mississippi (+17), Southern Miss. (+12), Nebraska and Rutgers (+11)[/i] [i]Biggest Losers: South Fla. (-17), Minnesota (-15), Navy (-14), Wake Forest and Duke (-12)[/i] [b]Bottom 10[/b] 110. (103) Tulane 111. (114) Miami (Ohio) 112. (113) Iowa St. 113. (105) La.-Monroe 114. (111) Washington 115. (115) Washington St. 116. (117) San Diego St. 117. (116) SMU 118. (118) Idaho 119. (119) North Texas [i]Teams that Escaped: UAB, Kent St.[/i] [url=http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pJ-63yn1BE-7NVT9iLlYAUQ]W.A.S. Power Ranking[/url] [url=http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pJ-63yn1BE-7zH2jpJIZjAA]FOOL2 Poll[/url]
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