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Wrestling Explained-A Cornellverse Diary

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[I]OOC : This is a watcher diary, as it will give the ability to hear about all of the promotions, instead of the usual one. Hope you enjoy[/I] With the rise and fall of promotions such as the SWF and BHOTWG, and smaller promotions around the world opening up, such as MAW and the Boston Territory, The wrestling world was looking up, but with the deaths of the owners of Boston Territory Gene Plumelli, Ed Henson, Wild Man Sullivan and Iron Michael Milligan, The wrestling world was in shock, among other deaths, these were looking as the most important ones, and SWF, took place as the leaders of the pack, as they were the first to Raid the rosters, of this former company. It was a tragic end to a delightful beginning. We now find ourselves in 2008, A new day for wrestling. Exclusive Female Companies have opened up, and the world has taken notice, as European, South American, Mexican, Canadian, Australian and Even Japanese companies have opened up. Total Championship Wrestling has made the world take notice of them, as they took the number 2 spot, topping BHOTWG and forming a dangerous rivalry with SWF, a hatred that will probably go on for decades. I am The Grand Avatar, My goal, is to Explain Wrestling...
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