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NOTBPW - The Revenge.

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Glad to see this up and running!!! Ya asked for opinions so I will give mine. Personally with a name like Phil Netten don't know why ya booker needs the inferno mask :D I might change up the alt just to help differ from ya other diary just my two cents. Also don't care for the Original Sin alt, I dunno maybe it is just me and this being your game it matters none! :confused: JOHN MCFLY!!!! Are ya running an angle where John Maverick cuts his hair and dresses like Sean McFly pretending to be the superstar while he is out injuried? Maybe his long lost brother, cause that would be a killer storyline!!!! Whatever it is losing to Derek Frost can't be a good sign of a push! :p Whatever directions you take the North of the Border you have a loyal reader! Have been looking forward a great deal to an update on this! EDIT: And I would also just like to add the first name to the "HIRE SHOOTER SEAN DEELEY" petition...
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