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I have been humbled


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Hehe.. I know the feeling. It just feels great if someone who you wouldn't think has the time, has the time just for You. Even if it's just a few sencentes or a whole conversation, the aftermatch of it is just awesome. I've noticed that Adam is really active on the forums (When he has the time) and usually responds to whatever problem there is (on the tech. forum) and tries to solve the problem and help people ASAP. I had an awesome moment in .. 2004 I think, when Scooter Ward from the band Cold wrote me back in the bands official forum back then. It was one of the best experiences I've had in my whole life, when my all time favourite bands lead singer I've ever listened (and still listen) writes me a message. And I know that it was from him and a genuine message, not an automessage or something like that. I still have it saved on two different computers and have it on internet also. So that I wouldn't lose it.
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