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I'd like to invite everyone to my fansite ( [url]www.totalsportssimulations.com[/url] ) now complete with football pick'em game (more sports coming soon). Its works like this. Come over and sign up and start posting on the forums to earn points. You earn 15 per new topic, 2 points if someone replies to your topic, 10 points for each reply you make and .02 points for each character you type. The football pick'em game you get 5 points for each prediction you get right and lose 3 points for each prediction you get wrong. You can also bets points against other user or users. Top 3 scores are saved each week and a Top 20 is kept for all-time for your bragging right :). So I would like to invite everyone to come and look around and sign up and play. [url]www.totalsportssimulations.com[/url]
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