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The Next 4 Years


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Heres some good predictions of the future. "November 15, 2004 A Four-Year Political Forecast Monday 5:28 PM We know he's in office, and we know the outcome won't be good, but beyond that, what can progressives expect from President Bush's second term? The staff of the Interhemispheric Resource Center, an independent foreign policy research organization, has examined the question with their practiced eyes and come up with some predictions. Among their findings: The war in Iraq will not lead to freedom and democracy, but will further advance the Bush administration's policy of regime change. The CIA will become more subservient to the Pentagon. Foreign development aid will be cut unless it directly affects U.S. policy. The Center also predicts that other nations won't be so willing to put up with U.S. policy anymore: they predict an organized and unified counter-agenda by other nations. SEE THE REPORT" [url]http://tompaine.com/action/#002714[/url] Wander what the world is willing to do when faced with an imperalist world power like the US? :eek:
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