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my new fed

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i'm going to open up a new international fed to go head-to-head against the WWE. it will be the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA!) and i'll have access to every wrestler in the NWA network (wildside, florida, etc). here is my core roster as it stands: Authority Figure: Bret Hart Referees: Earl Hebner Dave Hebner Road Agents: Lisa Moretti (Ivory) Marty Jannetty Les Thatcher Ed Ferrara DDP Rick Martel Steve Blackman Vince Russo Managers: Dawn Marie Rena Mero Jimmy Hart (PPA) Announcers: Bobby Heenan Tony Shiavone Randy Savage (color) Wrestlers: Christian Chris Jericho Christopher Daniels (PPA) Austin Aries (PPA) Bryan Danielson (PPA) Scott Steiner Andrew Martin Charlie Haas Taka Michinoku Sean O'Haire Chuck Palumbo Justin Credible Lance Storm Scott Hall Sean Waltman Mark Copani The Rock (PPA) Stone Cold (PPA) Gangrel Wrath Rikishi Brian Lawler Women: Nora Greenwald Jazz Nidia I know Stone Cold is a stretch, but The Rock is not contractually tied to WWE.
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