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Another question, Run-time errors

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I am still trying the demo version... I have a started a database with 2 promotions (global), of which one has about 100 workers (Owner, booker, announcer, manager and fighters) the other promotion has no workers at all (but some workers switch there during gameplay, although they do not do any show, lol) and have a problem now: almost everytime when there are matches on schedule I should be able to talk to the other wrestlers in the locker room, but where their images should be displayed... there is nothing and if i click the place where a image should be a pop up window shows up: "Run-time error '63' Bad record number" and the game crashes to desktop. also: if I try to test the move text content in the editor there is also a "run-time error '13': type mismatch". What is this about? are those errors known?
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