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LWA, Arkansas based story

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After wrestling in the SWF in the 90's and getting fired due to me "over-exagerating" my age, I decided to move to Arkansas and purchase a home. I found a great place in Conway and immediately started looking for work. I found alot of places that really didn't need my talent, but one stood out to me as a promising choice, the LWA. The founders, Jon Lawson and David Overstreet bought the company out from under Lawson's brother and after that happened pretty much all of the roster left. The only ones to stay were, amazingly, was Lawson and Overstreet. They approached me at first to run their company. I explained to them the problems I had with the SWF and they immediately wanted me to book their talent. "Let's make a noise out here in Arkansas and see what happens" Mr. Lawson was ready to just give me his money and start hiring. Immediately, I went and looked for Whistler and he was available for work. Others I found were The Vessey Brothers, Japanese superstar Haruki Kudo, Kurt Laramee, Human Arsenal, Shawn Gonzalez and Alex Braun. I approached the Vessey's who in my book are the best tag team ever and they liked my "being a fan of the business" attitude. Haruki Kudo was a crazy guy to work with mostly because he wanted money. I talk to Mr. Lawson and he just smiled and said "Whatever it takes to sign this guy." Kudo is signed. While in talks with the other talent I get a phone call, it was Mr. Lawson. "Casey, I got some news for you. Pistol Pete Hall just visited my office. I'm letting him run my company for me. Also, do what you can to make him happy ok?" Well, of course, I'll push him as a Main Eventer for the moment. This guy needs to retire in my honest opinion. We'll see how things work out from now though. [B]Things to do:[/B] [list=1] [*]Find some good road agents, referees and announcers for a possible show. [*]With a 250,000,000 dollar budget I was told by the new owner, Pistol Pete, to not fall below that level?? [/list] Man, how's that for a first day? --Casey
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