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On field action question

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I'm curious how the game arrives at on field results. Do you use a model similar to FPS or Football Manager where the players are moved and interactions resolved on a second by second basis (or less)? In this type of model it is easy to imagine how all the factors like intelligence, agility, speed can come into play. I vividly remember one particular play (out of tens of thousands) from my days of playing FPS in about 1997. I substituted my fastest WR on a key play and sent him long on a fly pattern. He was faster than the CB, who was in M2M coverage, and ran past him to catch the pass for a key long gain. I still remember thinking how amazing it was that the game had that level of detail and that I could see my decision work that one time. I've since switched to text based games, and while I love the challenge and accuracy, the results based models don't capture that feeling. Without revealing too many details, can you give us an idea of how the on field action is modeled?
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