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HGC-Were Superstars are Made

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I was sitting in my office when Mr. Stallings came in.


Me: Hey, what’s up?


Mr. Stallings: Not the ratings, that’s for sure. Look when you quite TWL you told me you could get us to the top.


Me: I know, I Know.


Mr. Stallings: You know but your not doing any thing better you were the man behind the classic Rip Chord Floyd Bowman feud. Hell you put Bowman’s name out there.


Me: I know, but I want to go away from my past. I want to have a company that can go against the rules.


Mr. Stallings: What are you getting at?


Me: I have a idea we go towards an older crowd.


Mr. Stallings: What do you mean?


Me: Aim towards the 16 - 25 age group. More blood, sex, women, and action packed matches.


Mr. Stallings: Well it will stop the people calling us SWF light. Hell lets do it.


Me: Alright boss I want let you down.


Mr. Stallings: Ok, but these ratings cant continue.


Me: Alright

Man got A **** load of work to do…..Better get on the phone..


OOC: The roster and champions are next.

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HGC Roster


Main Eventers

BLZ Bubb (H)

Dread (H)

Liberty (F)

Sam Strong (F)

Rip Chord (H)

Larry Vessey (F)


Upper Mid Carders

Bryan Vessey (F)

Demon Anger (H)

Demon Spite (H)

Dusty Streets (F)

Peter Valentine (H)

Romeo Heartthrob (H)


Mid Carders

Cowboy Ricky Dale (F)

Giant Redwood (H)

Grunt (H)

Joel Bryant (H)

Mr. Lucia (F)

Monty Walker (F)

Paul Steadfast (H)

Robert Oxford (H)

Stink (H)


Lower Mid Carders

Dark Eagle (F)

Fumihrio Ota (F)

Java (H)

Tribal Warrior (H)



Charlie Thatcher (H)

Electrico (F)

Super Joshua (H)



Crash Lewis

Troy Tornado

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I Go to Mr. Stallings office to ask him some questions.


Me: Hey Mr. Stallings, I have a few questions for you.


Mr. Stallings: Yea?


Me: Do I have the green light to sign any wrestlers I want to?


Mr. Stallings: Yea, just don’t go overboard. I would really like it if you don’t hire wrestlers older than 40.


Me: does that mean I can’t re sign Sam Strong and Rip Chord?


Mr. Stallings: You can resign wrestlers over 40 just not sign them.


Me: Ok, about the next show I’ve got everything under control.


Mr. Stallings: Ok, make sure we advertise a big change within HGC.


Me: Ok.

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HGC Hollyweird TV week 1 card


The Vesseys V. The Nation of Filth in a non title match

Cowboy Ricky Dale V. Troy Tornado

Dusty Streets V. Peter Valentine

BLZ Bubb V. Liberty in a #1 contender match




PS: Match will have more info in the cards after the diary gets going.

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HGC Hollyweird Jan. week 1 1997


Arena: Centerpiece Bridge 5,000 sold out


Announcers: Jason Azaria and Coach Dick Pangrazzio


JA: Welcome to Hollyweird TV I’m Jason Azaria


DP: And I’m da coach, and tonight we gots some good action.


JA: That’s right Dick, we see your former clients The Vesseys V. The Nation of Filth


DP: Yea, but da match of da night is gonna be Liberty V. BLZ Bubb.


JA: It will surely be a good one.


Cowboy Ricky Dale V. Troy Tornado


Ricky Dale works the left arm of Troy to start off the match. Troy tries to get out of the arm bar that Ricky Dale has locked in but it wasn’t successful. Ricky drops a knee on the arm doing more damage. Troy finally gets out of the Arm Bar gets out of the ring for a rest but Ricky goes after him.


Troy pokes Ricky Dale in the eyes and does a dropkick to his knee knocking him down. Troy then breaks the ten count by the ref and goes right back out side. Troy uses his amateur wrestling background with a solid headlock. Ricky over powers Troy throwing him into the ring.


Ricky Dale puts him in the corner and hits him with a big boot. Troy falls out of the corner and Ricky Dale follows up with a leg drop. He lefts Troy up and hits him with a Sothern Justice and goes for the pin 123


Winner: Cowboy Ricky Dale.

Rating: D+

After the match Monty Walker comes out and attacks Ricky Dale. After leaving him down and out he gets a ladder from out of under the ring and attacks him more.


Rating: D-


JA: That was uncalled for!


DP: What da hell you talkin bout Jason, you gotta do what’s ya gotta do.


JA: Whatever Dick.


The Vesseys V. The Nation of Filth


The crowd is all over The Nation of Filth from the start. Bryan locks up with Grunt. Bryan sends him to the ropes and hit’s a monster clothesline. Grunt gets up and hits with two right jabs followed by a dropkick. Grunt heads up to the top rope but gets thrown down by Vessey.


Bryan tags in Larry. Larry runs and knocks Stink off the apron and then does a clothesline on Grunt. He follows up with two straight elbow drops. Vessey locks in a Texas Cloverleaf on Grunt, Grunt can’t get to the ropes this match could be over…But no Stink comes in a kicks Larry off of Grunt.


Grunt tags in Stink but that doesn’t help anything because Larry is on a roll hit hits Grunt with a Vessey Driver and gets the win.

Winner: The Vesseys

Rating: C


DP: Dats my boy. You see that Jason I taught him that.


JA: Oh really with what wrestling experience?


DP: Don’t question me I’m the Coach damn it.


We go into Tyler Green’s office and see Rip Chord and him talking.


Chord: Man, Why aint I on the card.


Green: Don’t worry I have someone for you next week.


Chord: Hell, I’ve known you longer than anyone I should be world champion.


Green: Maybe one day you have to earn it.


Chord: Earn it!? Are you ****ing serious? I have earned everything I’ve gotten in this business you should know that Tyler.


Green: Yea I do know that but this isn’t the 80s anymore Rip, you have to give some younger guys a shot too.


Chord: Alright alright, who am I facing next week?


Green: The monster Dread.


Chord: ****, alright.


Rating: B+


Dusty Streets V. Peter Valentine


Dusty extends his arm for a hand shake Peter shakes his hand but kicks him in the leg. He then locks in a headlock. Dusty gets to the ropes to break the hold. Dusty then picks Peter up and does a double choke slam he goes for the pin but only gets a two count.


Dusty sends Peter to the ropes and hit’s a spinning spin buster. He locks in a STF; the STF is locked in for about three minutes until Valentine gets to the ropes. Peter then goes to the top rope and hit’s a flying forearm. Dusty quickly gets up and does a chop block on Valentine knocking him down.


Peter rakes Dusty in the eyes when he goes to pick him up. Peter then stomps on Dusty’s leg. Dusty is able to get up he send him to the ropes and hit’s a Dust Off for the win.


Winner: Dusty Streets

Rating: C+


JA: Dusty was impressive here tonight.


DP: He was iight, he still could improve.


JA: Yea, I agree.


Before the main event starts Sam Strong comes out and sets a chair up to watch the match.


Rating: B+


Number 1 contender match

Liberty V. BLZ Bubb


The match starts with BLZ Bubb running at Liberty but he misses. Liberty capitalizes by hitting a clothesline followed by a dropkick to knock Bubb off his feet. Liberty drops an elbow on Bubbs knee. Bubb grabs Liberty by the neck but Liberty kicks him in the mid section and he lets go. Liberty goes to the top rope but BLZ throws him off and lands a leg drop.


BLZ then put Liberty in a Dragon sleeper, Liberty struggles but gets to the ropes to get the hold broke. Liberty tries to get up but Bubb knocks him right back down with a kick to the skull. Liberty is busted open with that kick but he doesn’t stop fighting.


Bubb picks him up and puts him on his shoulders and drops him back. Liberty gets up with help from the ropes; Bubb is distracted by Sam Strong sitting at ringside. Liberty rolls him up catching Bubb by surprise, 1...2...3 Liberty wins.


Winner: Liberty

Rating: B+


JA: Wow, Sam Strong just helped Liberty win.


DP: Yea, but I’m sure he got a good reason for it.


JA: I’m sure we will find out next Tuesday on Hollyweird TV.


Show rating was a B-





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I’m sitting at home when the phone rings. Its Tom Gilmore.


Me: Hello


Tom: Hey it’s Tom, my agent told me you wanted to talk?


Me: Yea, how would you feel about coming to HGC?


Tom: Sounds good, what’s the details of the deal?


Me: A one year 2,000 dollar a month deal.


Tom: Written?


Me: Yes and Enhancement Talent level.


Tom: Ok, I accept and look forward to joining your company.


Me: Great, see you in a couple of weeks.

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Next weeks Hollyweird TV is going to be great. After last weeks attack on Cowboy Ricky Dale, Monty Walker will face him in a one on one ladder match for the HGC International Championship. When asked about the match Ricky Dale said “He blind sided me this week but next week his ass is mine. Since a ladder is what he wanted to use, the son of a bitch will get one.”


Also is Dread will go against the legendary Rip Chord next week. Rip is mad about not getting a title shot, but if I was him I’d be more concerned about the 6 foot 5 inch 350lb monster Dread. When Rip was asked about this match he said, “I’ve faced bigger and badder than dread in the 70’s and 80’s and I might me getting old but hell I can take em.” Gotta love old Rip.


The first HGC Cruiserweight Champion will be named when Dark Eagle faces Mr. Lucha in the first ever High Flying Heaven match. The rules go like this, the ring is a trampoline and the belt is hung 16 feet in the air, there will be one ladder that’s is a step ladder. That makes this match extremely dangerous because when you go to use the ladder on the Trampoline something bad is going to happen.


In the main Event we have Sam Strong V. Liberty in a non title match. Although the title match will be at HGC Malice in Wonderland, these two go at it for free on live TV. Strong stirred up some controversy last week when he distracted BLZ Bubb, he said he would address this live next week on HGC Hollyweird TV. When we talked to Liberty he said “I could have won that match by my self. So next week I do want to know why Sam Strong did what he did on Tuesday. Next week there will be Liberty and Bruises for all.

Also on the card is, Grunt V. Larry Vessey.


Quick picks

Cowboy Ricky Dale ( C ) V. Monty Walker in a ladder match

Dread V. Rip Chord

Dark Eagle V. Mr. Lucha in a High Flying Haven match for the Cruiserweight Championship

Grunt V. Larry Vessey

Liberty V. Sam Strong

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