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Diary Idea; Need Advisory

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OK, so here's my deal; I've got this idea to do a single diary that will, likely, involve more than one fed, probably original feds as well with an alternate history. The thing is, though, I have more than one time setting I can work with. So, I need some help deciding which one I want to do. Or at least which one I do first.


1986 - This version would use the DOTT mods, with the main company used, WWA, being a Sports Entertainment company at the Regional level. I'll probably use AJPW for the other promotion, since WWA is the only real original promotion I have for this point in time.


1993 - This version would use two companies prominently; WWA from before except now on a National level, and SKWF, a Hardcore company based in Japan at a Small level.


1998 - This version is the only one that would have 4 companies to it. It would feature WWA, again at a National level with increased popularity in Japan (due to having "bought" SKWF in the interim), XWA, a British Pure federation operating at a Regional level and starting to get over in New England, RZW, a Lucha Entertainment company based in Canada on a Regional level and getting popular in the Great Lakes area, and GWE, a Cutting Edge promotion from the South East US that's running as a Small promotion.


2006 - This mod would feature the GWE again, only now at an International level (WWA bought the rights to the name and began using the GWE name and booking style after losing popularity; became popular in England and Canada through Buying RZW and XWA). 2 other companies would be in this version; ESBGE (Eternal Struggle Between Good and Evil), which is a Small Canadian promotion in the same style as RZW with a slightly different approach (there's literally going to be a midcard championship for faces and one for heels), and PWR (Puroresu Raiza, or Pro Wrestling Razor), which is a Regional Cutting Edge fed in Japan with a lot of popularity in the California area (just have to figure out what the California area is in the game...)


So, the question is, which one should I do? And should I do each one in some fashion at different points? Which fed are you the most behind? The least behind? I want answers!

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