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still working on the scale from when I asked about the equation a few months ago....


Have it all mapped out in excell, just playing with values now and running sample progressions....


To simplify things I added check boxes for each category. However they are causing me some grief (never used them before, or even knew they were in excell)


3 questions on check boxes....


1) If I have row of boxes in each category, but the category is such that only one can be checked, is there an equation/command I can enter to auto uncheck the other boxes to prevent user error?


2) When I copy and paste the boxes on a sperate sheet or lower on the same sheet to create a series progession of sample data on one hypothetical subject over time, I have a problem. It copies the cell data and the boxes no problem. It also converts the equations so they work in their new location. However it does not reasign the boxes to their new location. i.e. if the boxes were originally a1:a7 and I copied it to a20 then the boxes should correspond to a20:26, but instead are staying with a1:a7. Any way to fix this other than individually editing each box every time I copy it?


3) Is there a way to make the box bigger? dragging the boarders only makes the text next to it bigger.

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