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In The Middle Of It - Curt Hawkins Comedy/Serious Diary

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After a long time in the tag team of Ryder and Hawkins a team also known as the Edgheads both claimed a championship, after the WWE Draft we saw Zack move off on his own to ECW where well he is going it all out from his neWOO WOO WOO gimmick. Curt Has been left on Smackdown with a **** gimmick hell he hasn't even had a match. At a recent Smackdown show he was just backstage sitting in the corner, only joking he was just sitting there on his todd with well the writer Michael Hayes by his side...


M. Hayes: Mr. Myers i've got a deal for you, well the fact is your not being used on Smackdown and i've got a way to repackage you, first you need to get contact with some upcoming stars hell even RoH or TNA stars to become your peices and maybe form a faction, but for one thing how about you and Lance Hoyt, sort of like a former Shawn Michaels type thing, with him being Deisel.


B. Myers: Hell Hayes that is the best **** ever i think i'm gonna go :ninjariffic:.


M. Hayes: Right so well you know that next week will be Friday the 14th and is one week before the pay per view, hell if it works out great you can be on that ppv if Vince's bitches let it.


B. Myers :rolleyes:




- Faces -



Jeff Hardy - World Champion


Jimmy Wang Yang

John Morrison


Kung Fu Naki

Matt Hardy



Rey Mysterio


The Great Khali w/ Translator

Teddy Long - GM

The Undertaker

- Heels -

Charlie Haas

Chris Jericho - One Half Of Unifed Tag Champs

CM Punk

Curt Hawkins -

DH Smith

Dolph Ziggler



Lance Archer



Michelle McCool

Mike Knox


Tyson Kidd



OOC: Lance Archer is Lance Hoyt

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