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MMA Mafia: The Newest Fight Camp On The Block

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MMA Mafia Opens


Run by "The Don" Christopher Reyes and "Lioness" Francesca Leone, MMA Mafia looks to be the next big thing in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Preliminary reports indicate that the camp based out of New York City has hired a few coaches who specialize in wrestling and submissions. Kenny Magilton of GAMMA fame and William Harrison have been confirmed as being the first two long term members, while Hope Lehane of WEFF has been confirmed as a visiting member.


More updates as they come.



A/N: Chris and Francesca are made up workers who are kind of... well, Godified. But hey, it's my game! Anyway, this diary is going to focus on the other fighters in the camp and their fights.

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MMA Mafia Grows; First Fight Confirmed


MMA Mafia Roster

(Will be continually updated)


Women's Division

"Lioness" Francesca Leone (Trainer)

Gina "The Vixen" Dixon (Unemployed)

Hope "Scythe" Lehane (WEFF)

Layla "The Slayer" Holmes (Unemployed)



Dominic "The Smash" Ash (Unemployed)



"Straight Edge" Kenny Magilton (GAMMA)



"Cannonball" Bruno Epps (GAMMA)

Joe "The Hitman" Hinchcliffe (GAMMA)



"The Don" Christopher Reyes (GAMMA/Trainer)


Light Heavyweights

"Major Damage" William Harrison (Unemployed)



Gareth Grundy (Unemployed)

"The Wolverine" Harvey Loeb (Unemployed)


First Fights Confirmed


Hope "Scythe" Lehane is scheduled to be in the co-main event of WEFF 21 against "Yellow Peril" Rachel McGuiness. Hope Lehane has been working very closely with Francesca Leone in order to improve her ground game. In a recent interview, Francesca is quoted as saying "Hope is very skilled on the ground. Her problem is getting her opponent down there. If Hope can avoid standing up and manages to get Rachel on the ground, she'll win."


Also, fighting, "Cannonball" Bruno Epps will be taking on catch wrestler Augstin Gonzalez. Epps has reportedly been training extremely hard, but even Christopher Reyes thinks Epps is overmatched. "If Epps can go the distance," Chris is quoted as saying, "then we'll consider it a success. Remember, MMA isn't all about winning. It's about understanding what your body and spirit can accomplish.


MMA Mafia Has First Victory


Victory comes in an unexpected place, Heavyweight Gareth Grundy has defeated Louisiana native Nash "Crash" Harbane at a local independent show in Nevada. Grundy won by unanimous decision after dominating all three rounds. Gareth Grundy raises his record to 7-3 and hopes that this win will garner attention from some of the big name promotions.

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