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The Cornellverse, Conspiracy Theories, And You

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Arthur Dexter Bradley is an anagram for Art Reed Hurt Alex Byrd!


(A)Lex Byrd was a stuntman on Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird!


The tag team High Concept, with whom Art Reed used to team and tag, is Sesame Street-themed!


Therefore I posit to you that another member of the NOTBPW training camp suffered a terrible, career-preventing injury at the hands of Art Reed! This man, Alex Byrd, dedicated his life to hurting Art Reed in whatever way he could! It was he who decided that Benson and Wright would team together in that fateful SWF tryout match, preventing Reed from teaming with his established tag team partner and most likely getting a job! It was Byrd who convinced Vibert to sign the expensive long-term contracts with his talent which sealed DAVE's fate! And it was Byrd who figured out that Arthur Dexter Bradley was an anagram for Art Reed Hurt Alex Byrd, and told young Bradley to become a wrestler! Reed won't know why, but every time he sees ADB's name on a result sheet for an indy show he'll feel an undeniable sense of regret!

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