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P4P question


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P4P is just the mythical hypothetical situation of ranking fighters by taking weight class out of the question, meaning if BJ Penn were to Fight Fedor who would win? Well most people would say Fedor based on size alone so what P4P does it basically assume they are both the same weight who would win?


What qualifies people for P4P is once again all hypothetical since there is nothing official to it but its usually the UFC/WEC champions, Fedor, and a couple top contedners. What gets people higher up on the P4P list is usually win streak and quality of opponents, for example after Anderson Silva's lack luster performances people started putting Fedor or GSP ahead of him but after he dominated Forrest they are moving him back up the list to first or second.


Here are Sherdog's but most sites and magazine have their own which are usually similar



I'm not a big fan of P4P because it basically just throws all the UFC champions in some order and since there is no way to ever officially decide them its more for just something to talk about and discuss.

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