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Popularity Thresholds

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Anyone got an idea what are the popularity requirements for a worker to be Virtually Unknown, Independent Name, Independent Star, National Worker, National Star, International Worker, International Star, International Superstar?


Had a search on here and in the helpfile but can't seem to find any info

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Virtually Unknown = F- to F+ as highest area overness across game area (USA, Canada, Europe etc, NOT region liek Great Lakes etc)

Independent Name = E- to E+ as above

Independent Star = D- to D+ as above

National Worker = C- to C+ as above

National Star = B- to B+ as above


Basically, each bracket is a guide to the overness by that letter band (all the B's, all the c's etc), handy when trying to get a quick overview of where someone might fit into your roster. Once people start hitting international level then they are already at a high level, at least National Star or more in one game area. I don't know the specfics... never really cared either. :p

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