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Southern Product? Also, free bonus product!

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This is a product I've been working on since TEW08 came out, and I think I may have finally nailed it. The focus that I was shooting for was a Mid South "outlaw" promotion, with wild brawls and a crazy southern crowd that used to exist in the 70s (both real life and CVerse). So here's the product:


Outlaw Traditional


Key: Traditional

Heavy: Realism

Medium: Mainstream & Hardcore


Intensity: 60%

Danger: 40%


Focuses equally on skill and popularity

Allows for tainted and cheap finishes

Favorable towards sponsorship

Vocal crowd


I think I got it finally. Anybody have any thoughts?


Also, just for kicks, here's a fairly awesome product that I came up with in one of my games. It's for a what I deemed "high-impact pure", which I deemed as being somewhat akin to the type of indy promotions that pop in and out of the New England area from time to time. Good for smaller wrestlers with good technical and flying skills, which there are a lot of in the Cverse.


High Impact Pure


Key: Traditional

Heavy: Realism & Pure

Medium: Mainstream & Modern


Intensity: 60%

Danger: 55%


Focuses much more on performance than popularity

Allows for tainted and cheap finishes

Is favorable towards sponsorship


Just figured I'd post it for anybody who is looking for what I deem to be a good product. If anybody has any comments about the southern product though, please share it with me. I'm dying to run a game in the Mid South and I want to get it as close being a wild brawling promotion (without being an actual hardcore promotion - something like using a chair won't get you disqualified, but there aren't people hurling trash cans full of weapons into the ring).


So please, let me know what you guys think.

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