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TCW: Anger Management

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Sometime in late 2007....



The crowed roared in the arena as their favorite champion battled valiantly to overcome his latest foe. Meanwhile, backstage at the SWF pay per view show, men and women walked about. Some mingling in conversation, some eating the high priced catering, and some were up to no good.


One such man with bad intentions was Eric Eisen, young son of SWF owner Richard Eisen. Eric had just completed a match, and found himself all alone in a small locker room. A locker room with a very curious hole in one of its walls. A hole which provided an excellent view of the ladies' shower room.


As Eric searched for his vaseline, a very famous couple in the wrestling world was kissing backstage.


"So you think I did ok" she asked looking up at her husband.


"Perfect," was his reply, "I just wish I was out of this sling and could be out there myself."


"Don't rush things honey. You'll be back in the ring in no time. Think I'll go wash up and then we can be out of here."


"Alright, I'll go find our bags then."


They kissed again.


Eric Eisen had his ear near the hole when he heard it, the sound of someone entering the shower, unable to wait, he began spying immediately and murmured an appreciative 'HUBBA HUBBA' when he saw that it was Jessie Gilmore that was about to shower.


Unfortunately for him, due to the contract structure in the SWF, Tom Gilmore was afforded an extra perk since he and his wife were both employees, they shared their own private locker room. And on this night, with his injury and many other things on his mind, Tom mistook Eisen's special room for his own.


Imagine Tom Gilmore's surprise then when he walked in to see a naked and oiled up Eric Eisen staring into a peep hole and moaning the name of a woman Tom knew to be taking a shower at that moment, in other words, he caught young Eisen spying on Jessie.


However one might react, this is what happened next:


"Oh uh, oh, er hi Tom, I was just-"




Tom Gilmore walked out as Eric Eisen fell over unconscious on the locker room floor.





A week later…



He browsed through my planned booking notes, pausing only once to look up at me and nod his head. After he was done he handed back the sheaf of papers.


“Some good stuff in there,” Tommy Cornell told me, “I especially liked the mystery man angle with Rick Law, oh and the double turn with Wolf and Troy to take us through to the mid year point. All very interesting. But, unfortunately, we can’t use any of it.”


I admit I was shocked when I heard that. I had put everything I had into writing those programs to show that I deserved the job of head booker at TCW. Tommy saw my reaction and began laughing. Back in the day Tommy and I had gotten along. I thought maybe he even respected me, as I respected him, but at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to throw the papers in his face and walk out of the room. Maybe I could give Dan Stone a call.


“Woah, calm down there. Jeeze, you been away from the business so long you can’t take a little ribbing? We can’t use what you have there because you didn’t put anything together for these people. “ He then handed over a piece of paper with a list of names on it.


I looked over the list and back at Tommy, the confusion must have been clear on my face, because he explained the list quickly.


“Some of them left SWF after the Eric Eisen incident. Don’t ask now, I’ll tell you about it later. Anyway, once I was contacted, I figured hell, why not make a run for it, and hired a few more of the names you see there. I said we couldn’t use what you had booked because you have nothing planned for any of those people, and I think you’ll agree, whatever you book will have to include them. New talent, new booker, a new day.”


I handed the list back. “So, the job is mine?”


Tommy smiled. “Sure, but with the understanding that there is blood in the water. Eisen is weak right now, first that Election B.S. and now this. But I don’t want him seeing daylight. Whatever it takes, I want you to crush him.”


We both stood and shook hands. I looked him square in the eye and told him, "It'll be my pleasure."





And thus begins yet another TCW diary. I fully admit to ’god modding’. You are going to see the usual cast of diary characters, though I will also say that some (ok a few) of the TCW regulars will be used differently and hopefully that will be entertaining enough.


Finally here are the matches for the first TV show. Whoever makes the most correct predictions of all four shows prior to the PPV will have their forum user name prominently featured during Malice In Wonderland.


Sure, it is a cheap way to generate replies, but hey, we are at war, aren’t we?



Burning Exile vs. Edd Stone

Giant Tana vs. Grease Hogg

The Young Guns vs. The Tag Team Specialists

Freddy Huggins vs. Aaron Andrews vs. Fumihiro Ota vs. Clark Alexander

Sammy Bach vs. Chance Fortune

The Machines vs. The Biggz Boyz

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain and Texas Pete vs. Rick law and The New Wave

Wolf Hawkins vs. Koshiro Ino

Genghis Rahn vs. Tommy Cornell

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<p>I'm all for "God Modding". It's loads of fun. Nothing to go on for these picks, so I'll just have at it.</p><p> </p><p>

Burning Exile vs. <strong>Edd Stone</strong></p><p>

<strong>Giant Tana</strong> vs. Grease Hogg</p><p>

The Young Guns vs. <strong>The Tag Team Specialists</strong></p><p>

<strong>Freddy Huggins</strong> vs. Aaron Andrews vs. Fumihiro Ota vs. Clark Alexander</p><p>

<strong>Sammy Bach</strong> vs. Chance Fortune</p><p>

<strong>The Machines</strong> vs. The Biggz Boyz</p><p>

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain and Texas Pete vs. <strong>Rick law and The New Wave</strong></p><p>

Wolf Hawkins vs. <strong>Koshiro Ino</strong></p><p>

Genghis Rahn vs. <strong>Tommy Cornell</strong></p>

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<p>Burning Exile vs. <strong>Edd Stone</strong></p><p><strong>

</strong><em>Edd Wins, showing that he can beat a good contender, and moves up the ladder</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Giant Tana</strong> vs. Grease Hogg</p><p>

<em>Newcomer never beats the company veteran, Tana wouldn't be happy to lose against the new signee</em></p><p> </p><p>

The Young Guns vs. <strong>The Tag Team Specialists</strong></p><p>

<em>Tag Team Specialists beat the Young Guns, Young Guns stay strong, as they prepare for a push later on in the year or so.</em></p><p> </p><p>

Freddy Huggins vs. Aaron Andrews vs. Fumihiro Ota vs. <strong>Clark Alexander</strong></p><p>

<em>Two Jobbers/Openers, A new signee, and a Midcarder, I give it to Alexander</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Sammy Bach</strong> vs. Chance Fortune</p><p>

<em>Easy win for Bach, gets the win and boosts his momentum, allowing him to potentially go into Malice in Wonderland with a full head of steam</em></p><p>


The Machines</strong> vs. The Biggz Boyz</p><p>

<em>Machines defend in a good match-up, but the Biggz Boys are highlighted as a danger to the rest of the tag division</em></p><p> </p><p>

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain and Texas Pete vs. <strong>Rick Law and The New Wave</strong></p><p>

<em>Good Win for these three, as Law is on his way to the Main Event, The New Wave is also on their way, so I wouldn't let them lose.</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Wolf Hawkins</strong> vs. Koshiro Ino</p><p>

<em>Main Event vs Upper Midcard, Good win for Hawkins</em></p><p> </p><p>

Genghis Rahn vs. <strong>Tommy Cornell</strong></p><p>

<em>Best Wrestler in the Game vs Genghis Rahn. Huh. Cornell gets the win and continues to beat his opponents down</em></p>

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<p>Burning Exile vs. <strong>Edd Stone</strong></p><p>

Giant Tana vs. <strong>Grease Hogg</strong></p><p>

<strong>The Young Guns</strong> vs. The Tag Team Specialists</p><p>

<strong>Freddy Huggins </strong>vs. Aaron Andrews vs. Fumihiro Ota vs. Clark Alexander</p><p>

<strong>Sammy Bach</strong> vs. Chance Fortune</p><p>

<strong>The Machines</strong> vs. The Biggz Boyz</p><p>

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain and Texas Pete vs. <strong>Rick law and The New Wave</strong></p><p>

<strong>Wolf Hawkins</strong> vs. Koshiro Ino</p><p>

Genghis Rahn vs. <strong>Tommy Cornell</strong></p>

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<p>Burning Exile vs. <strong>Edd Stone</strong></p><p>

Giant Tana vs. <strong>Grease Hogg</strong></p><p>

The Young Guns vs. <strong>The Tag Team Specialists</strong></p><p>

Freddy Huggins vs. Aaron Andrews vs. <strong>Fumihiro Ota</strong> vs. Clark Alexander</p><p>

<strong>Sammy Bach </strong>vs. Chance Fortune</p><p>

<strong>The Machines</strong> vs. The Biggz Boyz</p><p>

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain and Texas Pete vs. <strong>Rick law and The New </strong>Wave</p><p>

<strong>Wolf Hawkins</strong> vs. Koshiro Ino</p><p>

Genghis Rahn vs. <strong>Tommy Cornell</strong></p>

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<p>Burning Exile vs. <strong>Edd Stone</strong></p><p>

Giant Tana vs. <strong>Grease Hogg</strong></p><p>

<strong>The Young Guns</strong> vs. The Tag Team Specialists</p><p>

Freddy Huggins vs. <strong>Aaron Andrews</strong> vs. Fumihiro Ota vs. Clark Alexander</p><p>

<strong>Sammy Bach</strong> vs. Chance Fortune</p><p>

<strong>The Machines</strong> vs. The Biggz Boyz</p><p>

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain and Texas Pete vs. <strong>Rick law and The New Wave</strong></p><p><strong>

Wolf Hawkins vs. Koshiro Ino</strong></p><p>

Genghis Rahn vs. <strong>Tommy Cornell</strong></p>

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<p><strong>Burning Exile</strong> vs. Edd Stone</p><p>

Giant Tana vs. <strong>Grease Hogg</strong></p><p>

<strong>The Young Guns</strong> vs. The Tag Team Specialists</p><p>

Freddy Huggins vs. Aaron Andrews vs. <strong>Fumihiro Ota </strong>vs. Clark Alexander</p><p>

Sammy Bach vs. <strong>Chance Fortune</strong></p><p>

<strong>The Machines</strong> vs. The Biggz Boyz</p><p>

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain and Texas Pete vs. <strong>Rick law and The New Wave</strong></p><p>

<strong>Wolf Hawkins</strong> vs. Koshiro Ino</p><p>

Genghis Rahn vs. <strong>Tommy Cornell</strong></p><p> </p><p>

This could be good. I have no issue with God-Modding, makes for the unexpected.</p><p> </p><p>

Trevor L.</p>

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<p>Burning Exile vs. <strong>Edd Stone</strong></p><p>

<strong>Giant Tana </strong>vs. Grease Hogg</p><p>

The Young Guns vs. <strong>The Tag Team Specialists</strong></p><p>

Freddy Huggins vs. Aaron Andrews vs. Fumihiro Ota vs. <strong>Clark Alexander</strong></p><p>

<strong>Sammy Bach</strong> vs. Chance Fortune</p><p>

<strong>The Machines</strong> vs. The Biggz Boyz</p><p>

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain and Texas Pete vs. <strong>Rick law and The New Wave</strong></p><p>

<strong>Wolf Hawkins</strong> vs. Koshiro Ino</p><p>

Genghis Rahn vs. <strong>Tommy Cornell</strong></p>

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  • 2 months later...

(Doing something a little different this time. Most diaries here usually involve some form of narrative, a POV, and so on. Some also make use of character portraits, belt renders, entrance music, and so on. My intent is to Book TCW around the premise of a near catastrophic event occurring in SWF, in which Tommy Cornell takes advantage of to shift the balance of power. It is a ‘what if’ scenario that offers little challenge, but may resemble the days of WCW raiding talent from WWF and ECW.)


A few things about the format.

General Notes deal with performance issues related to the event, meaning how well or poorly workers performed, whether there was any chemistry issues or personality clashes and whether or not a worker or workers balked at losing or doing certain things.

Announcer notes are the points that I, as the booker, want the announce team to get across. Some segments won‘t include announcing, while other segments and all matches will.

Key Points sometimes reference the bigger picture in terms of character development or storylines, though not always. While Announcer notes are what I want the announcers to say, Key points are what I want the workers to get across to the audience themselves, either through their in ring work or their promos.



TCW Presents: Total Wrestling


Week 1, January 2008


Dark Match: Burning Exile vs. Edd Stone

Winner: Edd Stone via Pinfall

Match Rating: B-

General Notes: The two have great chemistry in the ring, though Laura Huggins did not click with Edd Stone at all. Edd will fly solo for the time being.



Dark Match: Giant Tana vs. Grease Hogg

Winner: Giant Tana via Pinfall

Match Rating: C-

General Notes: Grease Hogg came off as a credible opponent.


Show Opens.


Segment One: Tommy Cornell comes down to the ring and begins cutting a promo. Puts over the Syndicate and promises a surprise. Jason Azaria enters ring and smugly informs Tommy that he must wrestle Genghis Rahn tonight for the TCW World Heavyweight Title and that the TCW Board of Trustees have banned all members of the Syndicate from coming to ringside for the match. Tommy remarks that this is an example of why he must do what he can to keep the board in line. He says from tonight on, he is removing the match making power from the board and is giving it to the newest Commissioner of TCW, Nemesis!

Nemesis then comes down and shakes hands with Tommy. Nemesis thanks Tommy for the opportunity and for allowing Nemesis the ability to work on his project. Nemesis then turns and fires an irate Jason Azaria. Jason protests and must be dragged from the ring by security. Nemesis then tells Kyle Rhodes that he is being replaced in commentary and that if Kyle wants to keep his job, he‘ll now do back stage interviews only. Segment closes with a dejected looking Kyle walking backstage.

Rating: B+

General Notes: Both Tommy and Nemesis handled the mic very well.

Announcing Notes: display shock and dismay at the turn of events. Jason should seem angry and Kyle should seem saddened by Nemesis’ orders.

Key Points: Hype the Syndicate, Hype the main event between Tommy and Genghis, debut Nemesis, Show that Nemesis takes his orders from Tommy, displace old announce team. Allude to the “project”.



Segment Two: Nemesis remains in the ring. He hypes up the arrival of the new announce team, who walk out to the booth. Duane Fry and Emma Chase both introduce themselves to the camera.

Rating: B

General Notes: Self Explanatory



Match: The Young Guns vs. The Tag Team Specialists

Winner: Joal Bryant via Pinfall on Steve Gumble

Match Rating: C-

General Notes: Robert Oxford and, in particular, Joel Bryant, look strong

Announcer Notes: Harp on the Specialists as well traveled veterans with too much experience for the Young Guns to overcome.



Segment Three: Kyle Rhodes is backstage and approaches a bored looking Laura Huggins and a scared looking Freddy Huggins. Kyle asks Freddy about the Four Way Ladder match for the new TCW Televsion Title tonight. Before Freddy can answer, Laura grabs the microphone and says she has planned for every possible problem, and introduces her problem solver, Charlie Thatcher. The three then leave to prepare for the match.

Rating: C-

General Notes: Freddy’s charisma, Laura’s sex appeal, and Charlie’s menacing looks make for a good combination.

Announcer Notes: Duane should point out Laura’s reputation as a ball breaker, Emma, in full heel mode, should call Duane sexist and compliment Laura’s appearance.

Key Points: Get Laura over as a bossy, controlling type while Freddy appears timid in her presence. Charlie Thatcher must look as menacing as possible.



Match: Freddy Huggins vs. Aaron Andrews vs. Fumihiro Ota vs. Clark Alexander

Special Rules: Four Way ladder Match. Must retrieve Television Title to win the match

Titles Involved: TCW Television Title

Winner: Clark Alexander via item retrieval

Match Rating: D+

General Notes: An evenly fought match, Finish should have Freddy in position to win but botched interference from Charlie Thatcher allows Clark to win the match.

Announcer Notes: Point out the advantage Freddy has with a manager and bodyguard at ringside. Play up Aaron as a hungry rookie. Emma should spend much of the time pondering what sort of make up Fumihiro wears, and Clark should be presented as being in a transition phase in his career.



Match: Sammy Bach vs. Chance Fortune

Titles Involved: TCW All Action Title

Winner: Sammy Bach via pinfall after interference from Karen Killer

Match Rating: C+

General Notes: Fast paced, hotly contested match. Ends with Chance nearly having a victory but losing due to Karen’s involvement.

Announcer Notes: Emma admits that in the interest of full disclosure, she has a relationship with Sammy, but that she also thinks Chance is pretty hot too. Duane should present Chance as a legitimate challenger to Sammy.



Segment Four: After Sammy leaves and Chance recovers, Chance grabs a microphone and begins to tell the crowd that he was on his way to beating Sammy until Karen Killer interfered. Chance asks for a rematch as the camera shows an angry Sammy Bach glaring from the ramp.

Rating: D+

General Notes: Chance’s promo was underwhelming, but sets up the rematch.

Key Points: Question Sammy’s skills for his reliance on Karen.



Segment Five: We go backstage to find Kyle Rhodes standing beside the lovely Jessie. Jessie tells us she’s happy to be in TCW and that she isn’t alone. She fully intends for her tag team, The Biggz Boys, to win TCW gold tonight from The Machines. Kyle asks about Jessie’s husband, Angry Gilmore. Jessie says she’ll have more to say on that in a couple of weeks.

Rating: C

General Notes: Jessie is beautiful, but not the greatest promo.

Key Points: Debut Jessie and The Biggz Boys, Establish them as a credible threat to the Machines. Allude to Angry Gilmore’s eventual arrival.



Match: The Biggz Boys vs. The Machines

Titles Involved: TCW World Tag Team Titles

Winner: Match end in a Double Count out

Match Rating: C

General Notes: Machines jump the Biggz before the bell. Order is never fully restored as the two teams battle inside the ring, outside the ring, and so forth.

Announcer Notes: Build on the energy with the Fortune vs. Bach match. Sell The Machines as great in ring technicians but point out that the Biggz Boys have team work, but that none of that is on display in this brawl. Emma should downplay Jessie’s good looks.



Segment Six: Show Kyle backstage interviewing Joey Minnesota and The New Wave for their upcoming match against American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain, and Texas Pete. Eventually Nemesis walks into the interview area and begins making reference to the “project” and asking Joey and The New Wave where they stand. Guide tells him that that was then, this is now. Joey says that DAVE is dead and that his focus is on TCW and helping to fight the Syndicate. Nemesis tells them that maybe they will reconsider after the match tonight and walks off.

Rating: B-

General Notes: Nemesis’ mic and acting skills are great. Only Joey Minnesota was able to keep up with him. Though Guide and Scout did a good enough job showing that they have no interest in the Project.

Announcer Notes: After Nemesis departs, Duane asks Emma if this Project is what he thinks it is and Emma says she has no idea with just a hint of anger in her voice.

Key Points: Establish the upcoming match, Hint strongly at the Nemesis Project and its involvement with former DAVE wrestlers. Show that Joey Minnesota and the New Wave have no interest in it.



Match: American Buffalo, Ronnie V. Pain, and Texas Pete vs. Joey Minnesota and the New Wave

Winner: American Buffalo. Ronnie V Pain, and Texas Pete after American Buffalo pins Scout due to interference by Eddie Peak

Rating: C-

General Notes: Match begins evenly, though eventually Joey and the New Wave begin to dominate the other team. After ten minutes the ref should get clotheslined by accident, creating an all out brawl. With the ref unconscious, Eddie Peak comes down to the ring with a steel chair and knocks out Scout. Allowing for American Buffalo to pin him. Eddie Peak did not fully turn in this match. Floyd Goldworthy and American Buffalo have no chemistry whatsoever. Floyd will be removed as Buffalo’s manager after this card.

Announcer Notes: Point out the skill and teamwork of Joey and the New Wave. Get across the fact that the other team appears outgunned. Emma should speak about how sad she felt when DAVE closed its doors and should allude to her time in SWF. Duane argues with her that all of that is in the past, that they are all in TCW now and that DAVE and the SWF shouldn't be the focus here.

Key Points: Keep Joey and the New Wave strong despite their loss. Show them as being unified while also creating a rift between some former DAVE wrestlers with the attack by Eddie Peak.



Match: Wolf Hawkins vs. Koshiro Ino

Titles Involved: TCW International Title

Winner: Match Ends in a time limit draw

Rating: B

General Notes: A hard fought, fast paced, all out match with neither wrestler getting a clear advantage over the other, though some parts of the match suffered from a lack of selling by both wrestlers. Over the course of the match Wolf should be shown growing increasingly angry with Koshiro. Match ends with Wolf signaling to the backstage area and then turning around to get hit with a Kobra’s Bite. The bell sounds before Koshiro can get the three count and Sam Keith is shown running down to the ring.

Announcer Notes: Play up Koshiro as a legitimate threat who seems to have an answer for whatever Wolf attempts to do. Emma should spend a good portion of the match admiring Wolf’s good looks.

Key Points: Put on as great a match that you can. Wolf visibly registers his frustration with Koshiro to the degree that he calls for help from the back. Remind the audience that Syndicate love interfering in matches.



Segment Seven: Sam Keith hits the ring and attack Koshiro. Koshiro holds his on but soon Wolf is back up and attacks as well. They beat him down and set up a chair on his face while he is prone on the mat. They both start climbing opposite corners but Kosh throws the chair off and slowly rolls out of the ring. As he tries to escape Wolf and Sam follow him and attack him on the ramp way until extra refs come and break up the attack.

Rating: C+

General Notes: A 2 on 1 attack angle leading to an attempt by Sam and Wolf to seriously injure Koshiro.

Announcer Notes: Point out that many of the TCW stalwarts, Such as Ricky Dale Johnson and Rocky Golden are not in the building, but also bring up the fact that Koshiro is Japanese and does not have any friends in the company to watch his back.

Key Points: Remind the audience that the Syndicate can be ruthless, but also that Wolf can go overboard and be too hot tempered sometimes.



Match: Tommy Cornell vs. Genghis Rahn

Titles Involved: TCW World Heavyweight Championship

Winner: Tommy Cornell via DQ

Rating: B

General Notes: Tommy refused to lose this match, so the finish was modified to fit his wishes. Genghis tired out after about Fifteen minutes. The match was evenly contested until a spot where Genghis accidentally rammed his shoulder into a ring post. After that Tommy took the match over and looked to have it in the bag until Runaway Train ran in from the crowd and attacked Tommy. He then power bombed Tommy several times as the ref called for the bell.

Announcer Notes: Reiterate the stipulation from earlier that all members of the Syndicate are banned from ringside. Emma acts as a cheerleader for Genghis, calling him her fifth favorite wrestler in the world. Hype up Rahn’s toughness but admit that Tommy is just in another league in terms of wrestling skill. Duane shows complete shock at the appearance of Runaway Train, while Emma seems to suggest that she knew this would happen.

Key Points: Go all out for a great match, but create confusion in the audience by having Train attack Tommy



Segment Eight: As Train kicks an unconscious Tommy from the ring, he raises the arm of a beaten and tired looking Genghis Rahn. Genghis wearily sits in a corner and watches as Train then signals to Emma to bring a microphone. Emma stands up from the broadcast booth and slides into the ring with a mic in hand. As Runaway Train looks on approvingly, Emma then cuts a promo on how she had to act like a bimbo at Cornell’s behest and that just shows how out of touch Tommy really is. She claims to be the smartest woman in wrestling and that when she learned of this plan she agreed to join in because, TCW is run by morons. She then talks about the Syndicate in particular, stating that’s easy to be a big shot when you own the company, but that there are some things you can’t own, like Train, like Emma, like Genghis, and like the man about to speak now. The monitors then show a shadowy figure sitting in a dark room. Nothing about his physical appearance can be discerned. He then speaks, and his voice is heavily augmented. He tells the audience that the days of the Syndicate are over and that a new force in wrestling is about to emerge and to accomplish that which the wrestlers in TCW could not; the complete destruction of the Syndicate. He calls this the era of Team Supreme.

Rating: C+

General Notes: Emma cuts a great promo and Train does a good job looking angry but the crowd seemed so stunned there was little in the way of response.

Announcer Notes: Duane acts completely shocked at Emma’s betrayal and wonders aloud why Genghis is not attacking Train. Duane then resorts to stunned silence once the Shadowy figure is shown. As the show ends he tells the TV audience that ‘this is beyond my pay grade.’

Key Points: Establish another threat to TCW and, in particular, the Syndicate. Keep Genghis in the ring to open the possibility of his involvement. Show Emma as devious and conniving, but also that the shadowy figure is the real leader.



Show Rating: B-

Final Thoughts: Not a homerun, and perhaps almost too chaotic in the number of storylines being developed, but it sets the stage for future programming, in particular, Malice In Wonderland.

Total Viewers: 2.89



Final Match Results Winners:

Edd Stone

Giant Tana

Tag Team Specialists

Clark Alexander

Sammy bach Draw Between Biggz Boys and Machines

American Buffalo, Ronnie V Pain, Texas pete

Draw between Wolf Hawkins and Koshiro Ino

Tommy Cornell



Pick Results:

Greg McNeish 5

SeanMcFly 6

Self 3

pate 4

mad5226 4

jtnlange 1

Frank Vest 6



So, Frank Vest and SeanmcFly are tied at #1, though there is still plenty of matches out there to get in on this. Remember the winner will have their user name featured in Malice in Wonderland.



Ok, so the match list for week Two is as Follows:


Freddy Huggins vs Clark Alexander

Edd Stone vs Antonio maxi Marquez

Jack Griffith vs Danny Fonzarelli

Painful Procedure vs Tag Team Specialists

Sammy Bach vs Chance Fortune

Texas Pete vs Rick Law

Ricky Dale Johnson and Tyson Baine vs Genghis Rahn and Rocky Golden

Runaway Train vs Tommy Cornell

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Since this diary entails a large number of wrestlers shifting from one company to another, I'd like to explain the reasoning for each wrestler's jump after they've debuted. (Yes, more have yet to debut) in accordance with the context of the story and the particular situation of each wrestler.



Jessie Gilmore: After learning what Eric Eisen did she felt that the SWF was no longer presented a safe work environment for her. She and her husband threatened to sue, but to avoid any bad press, Richard Eisen settled quickly with a large cash settlment and an agreement to release Jessie and Tom as well as any other wrestlers who asked for it.


Angry Gilmore: Thoroughly disgusted at Eric Eisen's behavior, Tom Gilmore knew that he could not stay in the same company as Eric. He and Jessie remained quiet about what happened as part of the terms of the settlement. Though some rumors did get out, the general public was never made aware of what happened.


Brett Biggz: With his skills in decline, Brett could see the writing on the wall. Upon learning of the Eric Eisen Incident, he saw an opportunity to jump ship and possibly prolong his career. Unfortunately, he learned that TCW would not be interested in him unless his brother signed. Also, he is friends with Jessie, and felt bad about what had happened to her


Bart Biggz: Like his brother Brett, Bart also felt bad about what happened, but he knew that the team with his brother was no longer a focus of the tag team division in the SWF and thought a singles run might be in his future. He jumped to TCW more for his brother than for himself.


Emma Chase: Emma had not been in the SWF long when she heard about what transpired. Despite being in a position to become the company's lead manager with her association to Brandon James, being female she did not feel comfortable working for the company. The fact that her boyfriend Sammy Bach worked in TCW made the decision easier for her.


Duane Fry: Duane Fry was incredibly upset at what happened, and perhaps more importantly, the fact that Eric Eisen was not punished by his father and the following settlement lead Duane to believe that Richard Eisen was engaging in a cover up. Duane felt could not associate with the company any longer.


Runaway Train: The writing was on the wall for Barry Bowen. The loss of the SWf title to Jack Bruce and the mega push for Vengeance as the company's new Monster Heel meant Train would be moving down the ladder, and he was more than happy to use the incident as an excuse to leave and seek greener pastures in TCW.

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TCW Presents Total Wrestling

Week 2, January 2008.



Segment One: The show opens with Duane Fry seated at the announce table. Next to him is a good looking brunette woman he introduces as Sara Silver. They begin discussing the incident with Team Supreme from last week when Emma Chase’s entrance music hits and she walks out to the ring with Runaway Train. Once Emma has a microphone she tells the crowd to stop drooling on themselves and to pay attention. She says that last week was just the beginning, and that Cornell was not ready to face the monster standing behind her. She said that Team Supreme would not stop until everything had been taken from Tommy, his belt, his alliance, even his company. The she said that their benefactor had a statement and the shadowy figure appeared on the screen again, his identity still hidden. The figure told the crowd that tonight, several more members of Team Supreme would be unveiled. He also warned the “do-gooders of TCW” to stay out of this fight. And then he whispered, “besides, you have a traitor among you to worry about.” With that, Emma and Train left the ring.

Rating: A

General Notes: This promo was handled much better this week and helped to start the show off on a high note.

Key Points: Establish Team Supreme’s goals as nothing less than a company wide takeover and help add interest to the main event.



Match: Clark Alexander vs. Freddy Huggins

Titles Involved: TCW Television Title

Winner: Clark Alexander via Pinfall

Match Rating: C-

General Notes: An evenly fought match, however Freddy Huggins loses due to botched interference from Charlie Thatcher.

Announcer Notes: Stress the fact that Freddy lost the four way match after Thatcher mistakenly hit him last week.


Segment Two: Kyle Rhodes is standing backstage helping to test camera equipment when he spots Tommy Cornell walking by. He runs after Tommy asking for an interview, but Cornell ignores him and walks into the office of Nemesis. The door is left open so that the camera can peer inside. Tommy is shown telling nemesis that he wants a match with Runaway Train tonight, and for it to have no special rules. He says if Team Supreme wants to interfere, then he wants the Syndicate available to back him up. Nemesis happily agrees. He also tells Nemesis to start looking through recent contract signings from the TCW Board of Management and to find out just who all could be involved with Emma Chase, he also wants Nemesis to start asking around about this traitor. He then turns, sees the camera, and tells the camera man to get the hell out of the room before slamming the door.

Rating: B+

General Notes: Both Nemesis and Tommy did great, and the second segment came across as very believable.

Key Points: This is an important scene that is set up in such a way as to accomplish several things at once. Using Kyle as an interviewer spying on Tommy when the chance presents itself may help add a sense of realism, but the main purpose was to refer to the schism within the company itself to help explain how Team Supreme could arrive in TCW without Tommy’s knowledge and approval.



Match: Edd Stone vs. Antonio Maxi Marquez

Winner: Antonio Maxi Marquez via Pinfall

Match Rating: B-

General Notes: A good match despite the lack of time given the two. Edd Stone protested when he learned he was losing, but that did not seem to show in his performance.

Announcer Notes: Help establish Sara Silver as a heel announcer by her commenting that she hopes that Edd Stone wins because she dislikes foreign wrestlers. Duane should put her in her place by pointing out that Edd Stone is from Canada.



Match: Danny Fonzarelli vs. Jack Griffith

Winner: Danny Fonzarelli via pinfall

Match Rating: C-

General Notes: Evenly fought, albeit slow paced, match, but Danny just proves to be too much for Jack Griffith.

Announcer Notes: Use lulls in the match to discuss what happened last week as well as to speculate what will happen tonight between Cornell and Train. Show Sara Silver as a fan of Tommy Cornell.


Segment Three: Returning from a commercial, Nemesis is shown standing in the ring. He tells the crowd that last week he made an offer to Joey Minnesota and the New Wave, and now he’d like to know if they reconsidered. He says that Guide and Scout aren’t here tonight, but that Joey is, and he wants an answer from him, so he calls Joey out. Joey Minnesota appears and walks to the ring. Joey tells Nemesis that DAVE is dead and it is time to move on. He then questions why Nemesis is still bothering with this because, “as Cornell’s lackey, shouldn’t you be investigating Team Supreme?” This causes Nemesis to signal to the back, where Eddie Peak starts running to the ring. Joey Minnesota meets him at the ropes and clotheslines Peak. From the opposite side of the ring, Acid appears and jumps Joey from behind. The two then beat Joey down as Nemesis looks on approvingly.

Rating: C+

General Notes: Eddie Peak’s turn to heel is complete and was a success. Acid’s debut went off as well as could be expected.

Announcer Notes: Harp on Nemesis’ continued drive to recruit former wrestlers from DAVE and speculate if it is some attempt to help the Syndicate fight Team Supreme.

Key Points: Show that Nemesis is building his own group, but that his focus is on feuding with Joey Minnesota and the New Wave.



Match: The Tag Team Specialists vs. Painful Procedure

Winners: TTS, after Joel Bryant pins Randall Hopkirk

Match Rating: C-

General Notes: Tag Team Specialists control much of the match


Segment Four: Wolf Hawkins and Sam Keith both come out to the ring. Both men comment on Team Supreme and how tonight the Syndicate will start kicking their asses. Wolf also says he doesn’t care if there is a traitor, as it could only be someone they’ve beaten before and will beat again. At that moment, a good looking blonde woman walks out to the ring. She introduces herself as Ms. Cameron, and says that she is here to remind Wolf and Sam of the mistake they made last week. She tells them that they aren’t the only wrestlers in the world with friends, and that as a newly hired representative for Koshiro Ino, her employer wanted Wolf and Sam warned that Ino and his friend from Japan would be looking for them tonight. Wolf laughs this off and asks how much Ms. Cameron would charge to ‘represent’ him for one night. But Sam looks worried as Ms. Cameron turns and walks away.

Rating: D-

General Notes: Segment was underwhelming and Katie Cameron was visibly nervous.

Announcer Notes: Comment on Wolf’s reckless arrogance.

Key Points: Establish that the Syndicate is planning for an all out war with Team Supreme, but that for Wolf and Sam, other obstacles may stand in their way.



Match: Chance Fortune vs. Sammy Bach

Titles Involved: TCW All Action Title

Winners: None, Match ends in a time limit draw

Match Rating: C+

General Notes: The pace picks up with an evenly fought match. Karen Killer never gets an opportunity to interfere.

Announcer Notes: Play this as a well contested rivalry.


Segment Five: Kyle Rhodes is backstage with Genghis Rahn. Kyle asks Genghis about his match last week with Tommy Cornell. Rahn asks what Kyle what he expects, he says you can never get a clean match with Cornell as champion. Kyle points out that the Syndicate were barred from ringside and that the interference was on Rahn’s behalf. Genghis asks him that if you believe that, then why isn’t he champion? Kyle then asks if Genghis is the traitor, but before Rahn can answer Ricky Dale Johnson and Tyson Baine walk up and ask the same thing. Rahn tells them all that he has sweat, bled, and nearly died for TCW, and that he would never betray that. Tyson asks why Genghis didn’t leave when Team Supreme arrived. Genghis tells them that Supreme had just attacked TCW’s number one enemy, Tommy Cornell. Why should he have turned his back on that? Suddenly Rocky Golden appears and says he agrees with Genghis. The threat isn’t Team Supreme, it is the Syndicate, and that maybe RDJ or Tyson have their own hidden reasons for forgetting that fact. Ricky gets in Rocky’s face and tells him that he and Tyson are TCW, and that he won’t let some has been and a never was accuse them of anything different. A challenge for a match is then made and the two groups walk off before punches are thrown. A stunned Kyle Rhodes tells the audience that he can’t believe what just happened.

Rating: B

General Notes: Yet another strong segment, this time between the top faces of TCW Helped to hype the secondary main event. RDJ was the star of the segment.

Announcer Notes: Play up the growing rift between the main event faces and speculate hard about Genghis Rahn’s real motives.

Key Points: The Syndicate vs. Team Supreme storyline has pulled almost all the other main eventers into the feud and now is proving itself to be a company wide event.



Match: Rick Law vs. Texas Pete

Winners: Rick law via Pinfall

Match Rating: C+

General Notes: An evenly fought match, with Rick Law proving to be too much for Texas Pete.

Announcers Notes: During lulls in the match continue speculation about the identity of the traitor.


Segment Six: After commercial The shadowy figure again appears on the screen. However something seems slightly different about the person’s profile in the shadows, as well as their voice. The person speaks entirely about Tommy Cornell and what a rotten person he is and then the speaker laughs when contemplating Tommy losing control of his own company.

Rating: B-

General Notes: It is clear from this figure’s general mannerisms that there is something vaguely familiar about them.

Announcer Notes: Ask aloud if this is the same mystery man with Team Supreme or someone different.



Match: Ricky Dale Johnson and Tyson Baine vs. Genghis Rahn and Rocky Golden

Winners: None, match considered a draw via double DQ after Squeeky McClean interfered and attacked RDJ and Rocky Golden.

Rating: C

General Notes: RDJ did not want to lose, and was still unhappy with the match being a double DQ. The team of RDJ and Tyson Baine have no chemistry whatsoever. Despite these problems, the match was decent.

Announcer Notes: play up how both teams become increasingly aggressive with each other until both teams are openly brawling. Express shock at the appearance of Squeeky McClean, but note that McClean attacks RDJ when he attempts to pin Genghis, and then he attacks Rocky when Rocky defends RDJ.

Key Points: Cause further doubts about Genghis Rahn and his possible association to Team Supreme.


Segment Seven: After RDJ, Tyson, and Rocky all chase after a fleeing Squeeky McClean, Duane Fry tells us that an incident is taking place backstage at the same time and that cameras are now in position, they will show what is happening. The view switches to backstage, where a bloody Wolf Hawkins lies unconscious on the floor and Sam Keith is barely fighting off two other men. One is Koshiro Ino, and the other is a bald Japanese man that Duane Fry names in a surprised gasp as being Eisaku Hoshino. Suddenly, both the Machines, John Anderson and Brent Hill, run in and attack the two Japanese wrestlers. This continues until both of the Biggz Boys, Bart and Brett attack the Machines. The Brawl spills outside until a number of referees and security breaks it up. All the wrestlers are informed they are banned from the building until order is restored. The view cuts back to the announcers who breathlessly remind the audience that Tommy Cornell faces Runaway Train next in the main event!

Rating: C

General Notes: The inclusion of the Biggz Boyz in this angle hurt its effectiveness, as fresh faced teen idols make poor brawling types, but the segment was saved by Eisaku Hoshino, whose strikes were, shall we say, very believable.

Announcer Notes: Identify Koshiro’s friend as Eisaku Hoshino. Point out that with this brawl Tommy Cornell has no one to watch his back for the main event match. Also speculate if the Biggz Brothers, having come from the SWF, might have ulterior motives for joining in the fight.

Key Points: Debut Eisaku Hoshino. Further the development of two tag team feuds (Wolf and Sam vs. Koshiro and Eisaku) ((Machines vs. Biggz Boyz)).



Match: Tommy Cornell vs. Runaway Train

Titles Involved: TCW World Heavyweight Championship

Winners: Tommy Cornell via DQ caused by interference from both Squeeky McClean and Chris Morrisette.

Match Rating: B

General Notes: An all out brawl in which both men strive to out heel the other. The crowd eventually sides with Tommy after witnessing constant interference from Emma, and they cheer when Tommy finally gains the advantage. They cheer even louder when Tommy stops Squeeky McClean on the apron and knocks him down, but they boo when Chris Morrisette catches Tommy unaware and plants him with repeated face busters on a steel chair.

Announcers Notes: While not a turn, both Duane and Sara should root for their employer to overcome Team Supreme. Both should express shock at Chris Morrisette’s appearance. Without the Lobster Warrior garb and sporting two taped fists Chris should be presented as a serious threat. Sell Tommy as being seriously hurt by the three face busters.

Key Points: Team Supreme expands in size yet again.



Show Rating: B

Total Viewers: 2.93


Matches for next week's show:


American Buffalo vs Mokuami Maita

Freddy Huggins and Sammy Bach vs Clark Alexander and Chance Fortune

Aaron Andrews vs Acid

Rhino Umaga vs Jungle Jack

Steve (Fabian) Flash vs Eric Tyler

The Machines vs The Biggz Boyz

Ricky Dale Johnson vs Squeeky McClean

Sam Keith vs Eisaku Hoshino

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