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WCW- The story of greatness

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The history of the N.W.O


In 1996 WCW gained major ground in the race to get WWF out of the top spot in the world of wrestling. They did that by hiring Scott Hall and Kevin Nash after they left WWF and started The Outsiders Storyline. This was Scott Hall showing up at WCW Nitro as a threat to WCW later joined by Kevin Nash. They stated to Eric Bischoff, Sting, Lex Lugar, and Randy Savage that they had a third man that they would announce at Bash at The Beach 1996.


The match got start but Gene Okerlund demanded that Nash and Hall tell the ref and him who there partner was. They assured them that he was in the building but they didn’t need him right then. The match went on and towards the end of the match the Immortal Hulk Hogan came out, everyone thought that he was coming to help the WCW wrestler but he shocked everyone when he dropped a big leg drop on Randy Savage and aligned him self with The Outsiders and called them selves the N.W.O also known as The New World Order. The New World Order went on to dominate the wrestling world. In the following months new members were introduced into the N.W.O. This making them much more powerful.


People to watch in WCW


Alex Wright- Currently an Upper Midcard wrestler who has the skills, youth, and popularity to become a huge WCW star.


Disco Inferno- The annoying Disco Inferno has great mic skills and has potential to become the head heel some day in WCW.


Chris Jericho- The young talented Jericho is on the top of the Cruiserweight Division and looks to be a break out star ion the coming years.


Bill Goldberg- The sky’s the limit with this young man already in the main event scene, but will he ever get the world title?


Eddie Gurrero - Full of skill and uncanny charisma, this member of the Gurrero family could make it big one day.


The Stars of WCW


Hollywood Hogan- Although his skills are dropping Hogan is still an Icon around the world and has the big draw ability to reach out to fans. Are top heel at the moment.


Bret Hart- After jumping ship from the WWF Bret wants to be champion but his current feud with Goldberg has put that mission on hold.


DDP- Really in his prime as a wrestler currently feuding with Curt Henning in a series of “Perfect “contests to prove who’s more perfect.


Ric Flair and Randy Savage- The two leaders of a new stable called “The next big things” were they are more of trainers to the younger wrestlers in the group.

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WCW Nitro preview


Alex Wright V. Booker T

Over the last couple of weeks these two have been going at, last night at The Bash at the Beach Wright interfered in Bookers U.S title match which made him lose the title to Raven.


The Outsiders V. The Steiner Brothers

This is a rematch from the yesterday that ended in a draw, but Nash and Hall had a post match attack on Rick and Scott.


Dave Finley V. Horace Hogan and the Dispel

After Finley was attacked by Hogan and The Dispel he has asked Eric Bischoff for this match.


Sting V. Bill Goldberg non title

The World Champion Sting coming off of his win against Hollywood Hogan at last nights show takes on a hungry kid by the name of Goldberg.


Chris Jericho V. Raven © in a Ravens Rules match

The ****y young comer Chris Jericho has challenged Raven to his own match for the U.S Championship.


Plus; Ric Flair and Randy Savage, Bret Hart, and Eric Bischoff

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