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WWE : The Hollywood Approach To Wrestling

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Hollywood, California.


The Trip back to greatness, was, in different terms, a ladder towards success, truly, a return to the top. Though it wasn't my true home, it was my major fanbase. Hollywood, is the place where I really do feel at home. The Place, where, I can, re-create the triumph, I used to live... But, Not before I took care of some unfinished business. You see, there's a hollywood premiere, here, in, well... Hollywood. I'm currently being portrayed in 'The Wrestler II - In The Slums of Hollywood', Micky Rourke did a great job in the first one, so I demanded to be the man who is portrayed in the sequel. They finally gave in to my demands, and now here I am. After the show, I'm catching a Late night flight to Connecticut, where I meet up with the Chairman of the Board. The Old V, Mr. McMahon. Vince and I go way back, and even during the time I was with the NWO, I'd still been in contact with him, it's just at this point in time where I've decided to take him up on his offer to return to the WWE and actually display my skills again, instead of sitting around on my ass, trying to figure out what Movie Deal I'm going to try and make come through next. It added fuel to the burning flame that was raring me to go, keeping me up at nights, making me think of what I need to do this time, to prolonge my career, and get the most out of the short period that is left in it.



In 1996, both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left the WWF to sign with WCW. Hall first appeared on WCW TV live, unnamed, and unannounced on the May 27, 1996 edition of Nitro, by interrupting a match between The Mauler and Steve Doll. He walked through the audience, grabbed a microphone from the ring announcer, and entered the ring. He then delivered his now-famous "You Want a War?" speech, stating that he and unnamed allies had a challenge for WCW Executive Vice-President Eric Bischoff and any WCW superstar. As Nitro neared its end, Hall accosted Bischoff in the broadcast booth and demanded that he tell Ted Turner to pick three of his best wrestlers. The next week, Hall reappeared on Nitro five minutes before the end of the broadcast and again interrogated Bischoff. Sting confronted and slapped Hall after Hall spat a toothpick at him and said he had a "little...no...BIG surprise" for Sting. Kevin Nash was revealed as Hall's surprise the next week, and the two were dubbed The Outsiders.


Despite Hall and Nash being fully employed by WCW, the implication that they were invading WCW from the WWF was enough of a concern that the WWF was not amused by Hall and Nash's antics. Hall particularly had not distanced himself very far from his Razor Ramon character he had portrayed for several years in the WWF (including continuing to speak in his faux-Cuban accent and using the word "chico" toward his opponents), and had also made mention in promos of "Billionaire Ted," "The Macho Man," and "The Hulkster", which were three characters the WWF was using in vignettes to make fun of Ted Turner, Hulk Hogan, and Randy Savage as well as the WCW product as a whole. Those concerns were finally acknowledged at The Great American Bash, where Bischoff (as Nitro's on-air lead commentator) invited The Outsiders to do an interview. Bischoff promised them a match at the next pay-per-view event. He then directly asked both Hall and Nash if they were employed by the WWF, with both acknowledging they weren't.

During the interview, both Hall and Nash pressed Bischoff again to name his three representatives. Bischoff said that he had found three representatives but would not name them. Hall became skeptical of Bischoff's refusal and it led to an attack by both Outsiders, ending when Nash powerbombed Bischoff through the interview stage.


Following the Great American Bash, The Outsiders continued to randomly terrorize WCW events, being chased away by armed security guards.

Excerpt from 'A Brief History of the nWo. The WCW Era.' and Wikipedia


No, The Battlelines were no longer being drawn, and no, The Territories weren't dying. There were no longer any Tuesday Night Wars, and no more contenders to the number one promotion on earth, besides the Japanese Promotions and TNA, but at this point in time, they weren't able to be considered a threat. This, this is the time, for a Brand New World Order. But right now, it's time, for the...


HollyWorld Order.

Welcome to the Ride, because you won't be getting off anytime soon.

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Episode 1

January 2009


The Aftermath of the shock announcement of the HollyWorld Order of the WWE, where a mystery man had been dropping notes about his takeover of the WWE. The info was finally revealed, as Hulk Hogan, the Hulk Hogan has officially completed the Takeover. Hulk has brought in some new talent, who are prepared to debut at the following show. New Signings include Brutus Magnus, Bryan Danielson, as well as gaining popularity over in Japan, signing popular Technical Worker KENTA. This move surprised many WWE Fans, as most casual fans have no clue who KENTA is, but for the hardcore fans, this was quite the treat. The first episode of RAW featured some of these top wrestlers that Hulk himself decided to sign.


Announced Match-Ups

Bryan Danielson vs Tyson Kidd

Goldust vs Cody Rhodes

Charlie Haas vs Primo Colon

John Cena vs Big Show

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