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What program do people use to simply cut a CornellVerse worked from the defaul back ground? I've tried using MSPaint which is useless (or it might be me) and I've tried using Gimp but my attempts were rubbish.


I'm asking as I've got a bunch of workers I want to stick onto my customized DaVE background.

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I'm pretty sure a large portion of the board use GIMP (or Photoshop, if they have money). Cutting is moderately easy when you find a method that works for you.


My method is:

Open a new 150x150 image with a transparent background, paste the image to be cut in a new layer on top of the background.


Get the Fuzzy Select tool (the magic wand), stick the Threshold fairly low and select the blue background, adjust the threshold until it gets most of the blue but none of the face, then hold down shift and select any large areas of blue that it missed. Press delete.


Click the Background layer and fill it with black, this will show up any little bits of blue that you couldn't otherwise see very clearly. Now go back to the 'face' layer and run around the edge of the face carefully (zoom in first) with the eraser set fairly small, removing any final bits of blue that you've missed.


Now go back to the Background layer and paste in the DaVE image you want in the background. Ta-daaa. :)


The only problem with this method is, it doesn't work too well for workers with long wavy hair that tends to 'trap' the background colour inside it (Ricky De-****ing-Colt, I'm looking at you!)

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