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*RELEASE*[Wrestling In A Recession] Sept. 2009

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Ok, here's the first official release of my Wrestling in a Recession data. I made alot of additions/changes to the original beta that I released a while ago and I hope everyone likes it.


Data: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MU0T2FX7

Pics: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BYZ3H4KN


Here's a quick overview...


Active Promotions: 32

Debuting Promotions: 4

Workers: 2,561

Completed title lineages for nearly every title

Almost no missing pics for contracted workers

Removed Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Removed Heartland Wrestling Association

Added Insanity Pro Wrestling


I will be adding Pro Wrestling Zero-1 into the October release, as well as some UK and European feds.


Of course, any changes, corrections, or modifications that need to be made feel free to post them.

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That's the best-balanced set of ratings I've seen in a mod. Most tend to really over-rate mediocre older brawlers, but you've got realistic levels of the actual wrestling skill counterbalanced by the performance skills of a veteran.


Just a few changes I'd suggest for TNA:


- Cassandro, Dutch Mantel, Savio Vega, Jenna Morasca and Angelina Love are definately gone, and Rhaka Khan is very likely gone.


- Don West is still with TNA, just in a backstage role.


- Jeff Jarrett and Traci should be at least occasional wrestlers. Jarrett wrestled occasionally on Impact and PPVs this year, and Traci was in a tag match just this month.


- Dixie Carter could use some performance skills - charisma and looks, at least!


- Eric Young is a heel.

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Just had a look at this:


+ I really like what you've done with the bios

+ Overness seems to be quite well done, though maybe a little high

+ Extensive coverage of the wrestling world

+ It's up to date :)


- Over-inflated in-ring stats for many high level workers (I've not looked too far down yet) which will likely lead to WWE putting on A or A* rated TV shows regularly. That's a sign the stats are too high.

- Almost 1,000 unemployed workers... do they all really need to be there?

- Sex appeal for some male workers is... odd. Undertaker's B+ is just one example that seems wrong

- Real names/character names are inconsistent. Personally (and I know not all others agree with me) I prefer people to be in the game based on their best known name, which is generally whatever they are called in the WWE. The Undertaker is in as The Undertaker (GREAT!) but Edge is in as Adam Copeland (BOO!). Stage names are best when making a mod to appeal to the masses, as most people only know the stage names. No-one playing TEW really cares about copyright infringement issues, so go for it. And if you really care about it yourself, tinker with the alter ego settings to ensure that other companies will be most likely to use non trademarked names. :)


I've not had a huge amount of time to look at this, but that's my first thoughts. It's always great to see people taking the time and effort to make mods because it really is a LOT of work. I really love the bios (hence why I mentioned them first) but the stats look really high at first glance. One of the key stats in TEW is psychology, it can make and break matches and entire shows... B-/B is the level this really takes over, where main event level workers in National+ level companies need to be... and there are HUNDREDS of people capable of doing that. In reality, there are probably barely dozens of people capable of carrying things to that level. And most of them have spent a decade or more to get to that level.


All in all, with a few refinements this could be amazing. Keep up the good work. :)

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Thanks for the info everyone. I was pretty sure most of those TNA workers weren't there anymore but I didn't know for sure. For Angelina Love, I set her active area to Canada only, since I believe it was her work visa that she was released for. Also, thanks for the extra info derek_b, I'll make sure that stuff gets taken care of for the next release.
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I was having some odd match ratings and took a closer look at the wrestlers. There are some issues with popularity which I didn't notice originally.


Disputes over ratings tend to be a bit subjective, so I'll try and demonstrate my concern with a comparison.


In this database, TNA is National size (popularity C+ with one B) with a weekly TV show. In the Default data, TCW is National (popularity B with one B+ across US) with a weekly Prime Time TV show - ie. fairly similar positions. Then compare some of the wrestlers:




AJ Styles (multi-time world & other title holder) mostly D-, one B-

James Storm (multi-tag champ) Ds, one C

Jeff Jarrett (multi World champ, known before TNA) Cs, one B

Samoa Joe (world and other title holder) D-s and a few Cs and B

Daffney (occasional wrestler, regular before TNA) F-

Daniels (multi mid-card title holder) E+ and one C




Aaron Andrews (enhancement talent prospect) Ds

Rick Law ("fine prospect" with one mid-card title) C+s

Charlie Thatcher (midcarder with limited experience) C-s

Randall Hopkirk (mediocre brawler with a couple of tag belts) C-s

Freddie Huggins (opener with potential) Ds

Clark Alexander (reliable midcarder) D+s



As you can see, the top-level wrestlers of TNA have popularity levels of around the same level as even the low-level workers of a pretty similar-sized company. I know TNA holds the vast majority of shows in one location, but they do have reasonable TV ratings, and hold house shows and a few PPVs in other locations. The wrestlers should not have such a big gap in popularity between the home region and the others.


This causes substantial problems with the big stars of TNA (eg. Angle, Sting, Foley) outright refusing to lose to the likes of Styles of Jarrett, and bad match ratings outside of the home region.



If someone understands the game workings better than I do and thinks that I'm wrong, by all means correct me, but it looks like an issue in an otherwise terrific mod to me.

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Great Mod, very deep.... Just a few minor details, some may have already been mentioned.


Just a few things I have noticed

Hart Dynasty should be added to WWE.

Crime Time is inactive for some reason.

Don West should still be in TNA

Big Show and Jericho should be brandless

Jeff Hardy is gone from WWE, probably on hiatus?

Batista and Edge are both out with injuries

CM Punk should be heel, Matt Hardy should be face. Morrison should be face.

ECW brand has no referees assigned to it.

Brock Lesnar should either be on hiatus or left the business

Nigel McGuiness has signed with WWE also.

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Don West I read a while ago was released and Taz was to take his place. I put Jeff Hardy on Haitus but I wasn't sure if I should keep him with WWE or not. Nigel also got signed after the release of the mod but he'll be in there for the next one. Thanks for the heads up on the other stuff though, I thought I did have jericho and show brandless but I'll be sure to fix all that
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Your Japan overness settings are ****ed. The Rock and Steve Austin are not the most over workers in Japan, neither is Brock Lesnar. Sasaki and Liger are not more over than Kobashi, Mutoh, Misawa, Hogan, Tanahashi(Current #1 star in Japan), Tatsumi Fujinami, Riki Choshu, etc..


Shinya Makabe should be renamed Togi Makabe and set in New Japan on a written contract, with B overness(He just won the G-1 Climax, and has a chance to win the IWGP Heavyweight Title later this month).


Stan Hansen, Vader, and Akebono need HUGE boosts in overness in Japan. In Japan, you don't lose overness when you slow down or retire. I'd give Hansen A overness, and I'd give Vader similar overness, but slightly lower. Akebono gets brought in as a big attraction by ALL the promotions in Japan, so I'd set him to B+. Also Akebono is not working on a written contract for All Japan. He currently only works for HUSTLE, and his loyalty should be set to Freelance.


I'd give SUWAMA boosts to overness too, he is being groomed as the next big thing in All Japan.


As much as I like Osamu Nishimura, I'd lower him from B+ to B or B-, he isn't quite as over as he was during his push as the heart and soul of MUGA.


Akira Taue could be bumped up to a B or a B+, the Holy Demon Army were the biggest tag team in All Japan history. Not to mention he won both the Triple Crown and GHC Heavyweight titles.


I'd bump Naomichi Marufuji up to a B, he has won every title in NOAH.


I'd lower Bob Sapp's popularity in Japan so C+ or C, he doesn't really boost attendance ever.


I'd bump Nobuhiko Takada up to upper B overness, he was the top star of UWF-i, and is a huge part of HUSTLE.


Fujinami should be an A overness, the man was the second coming of Antonio Inoki, also a 6 time IWGP Heavyweight champion.


I'd lower Wataru Inoue's overness, ever since going heavyweight he hasn't beaten anybody, and constantly does the job in tags and six mans.


Hiroshi Tanahashi, I'd vote a strong case to give him A* overness, but I think A would be more fair.


Kenta Kobashi should also be raised to A.

Mitsuharu Misawa should also be raised to A.

Keiji Mutoh too.

Hulk Hogan too.

Genichiro Tenryu too.


Antonio Inoki should be raised to A*, and he should be the only one at that level. If you even mention his name, your show sells out.


Takeshi Morishima should be raised to a B or B- overness.


Go Shiozaki should be raised to a B- overness, pushed at Upper midcarder. They're not putting him over as a particularly dangerous champion, but they're slowly having him gain fans respect.

On that same note, bump KENTA up to B-, he is their Ace Junior Heavyweight.

Bison Smith should be bumped up to C overness in Japan.

Akitoshi Saito should be raised to C+ or B- overness.


Set Kensuke Sasaki open contract with NOAH, and set his Loyalty to Freelance.


Set Naomichi Marufuji, Takeshi Morishima, Takeshi Rikio, Go Shiozaki, and KENTA to written contract with NOAH. Marufuji is a Vice President, Morishima is head of the talent, Shiozaki and KENTA are current champions, and Rikio doesn't work elsewhere ever.


Set Jun Akiyama as the head booker of NOAH. Kenta Kobashi does not book.


Hiroshi Hase does not book All Japan Pro Wrestling. He is the head of the PWF Committee, which is just a group of people who decide the champion or something like that. It's more of a figurehead position. Hase works in parliament in Japan, and just lost re-election. On that note.. set him to B+ overness. I'd set Mutoh to the booker of All Japan for now, while I figure out who's booking.


Toshiaki Kawada does not work for All Japan anymore, he works for HUSTLE. Since you don't have HUSTLE in game, dedicate him to freelance. Although he is working for NOAH on the Misawa tribute shows, so I wouldn't be surprised if they brought him in full time to help fill the void. Because he's working those, add him on a Touring contract with NOAH.


Raise Referee Kyohei Wada's overness to B. I know this sound dumb but for every main event match, after they announce both participants, the entire crowd chants KYOHEI! as loud as they can.


Lesnar should be lowered to a regular B.


Hirooki Goto should be raised to B overness. And his stats need serious re-doing.

Satoshi Kojima should be raised to B+.

Jushin Liger should be lowered to a lower B+

Austin and Rock should be lowered to the absolute lowest A possible.


You need to find a save that has Masakatsu Funaki and add him, then put him in All Japan as a main eventer. B+ or A overness.


I also notice Satoru Sayama isn't in, he should be added with a B+ or A overness too, seeing as he still competes semi-actively, and runs Real Japan Pro Wrestling.


Set Tatsumi Fujinami with loyalty to freelance, unless you're going to add DRADITION.


Minoru Tanaka currently work for All Japan under the name Minoru.


Actually I'm just going to link you to Puroresucentral.com, you should use it to update the rosters.


The undercards in Japan need almost complete overhauls, but I don't have time to point that all out right now. Only stats that are even slightly accurate are the main eventers. All the undercarders just have D in every stat.


That's about it for now.

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Hey guys i've been trying to use this mod but when i try to advance a day it gets stuck on the loading screen when it says 'processing owners'. I'm using the trail version but i had the full version on my old computer since it first came out so i'm not entirely new to this.


Other mods i try to use have no issues working but they're not as good. Can anyone help me out?

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