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*Official Most Exciting Round Thread*

Guest thatmizfit

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Guest thatmizfit

I saw that we had a Major Upsets thread, didn't see a Most exciting round thread and figured it had to be done since I'm pretty sure you guys have witnessed some crazy battles take place. If there's already one out hidden somewhere feel free to delete this one and post there, but since I created the thread I guess I'll start it off with the conclusion to an exciting fight between April Watson and Daniella Sadorra.











Round 2


>We are back underway!

>There is an exchange of strikes, but neither fighter does any damage.

>Watson counters an attempted big head kick with a barrage of big punches, knocking Sadorra down!

>Watson dives in and gets ready to unload on Sadorra.

>Watson lands with some hard punches...but Sadorra somehow survives the attack.

>Watson ends up in half guard.

>Watson stands up and backs off, letting Sadorra stand up as well.

>Sadorra counters an attempted body kick with a high kick, momentarily putting Watson on rubbery legs!

>Sadorra hits a great spinning back fist, Watson is momentarily wobbly!

>We are now at the halfway point of the round.

>Sadorra slips out of the way of a flurry of strikes.

>Backing out of range, Watson circles tentatively.

>Not letting Watson settle at all, Sadorra comes in closer.

>Watson fires off a barrage of big punches, forcing Sadorra to step back!

>Sadorra avoids a body kick and hits a massive punch, knocking Watson down to the ground!

>Sadorra quickly moves in and tries to secure an arm.

>Sadorra gets an armbar...and it is full applied, Watson has to tap out!

>By Submission, the winner is Sadorra!

>Official Result: Daniela Sadorra defeats 'The Blonde Bombshell' April Watson (Submission in 4:06 of round 2). The match was rated as being Excellent.

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Guest Dafangela

Official Most Exciting Round Thread


If you had to narrow it down, just name one of each.


Ive seen a lot of boring fights but Tim Sylvia has had the most.


Clay Guida has to by one of the most consistent fighters when it comes to pushing the action. Very exciting to watch.

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I loved all rounds of this fight.........................


>Moving on to the next match, in which 'The Truth' Brandon Vera will take on Stephan Bonnar in the UFC Light Heavyweight division.

>And here we go!

>Vera catches Bonnar with a barrage of big punches!

>Vera avoids a straight right and hits a clean jab.

>Vera hits Bonnar with a flurry of jabs and straight punches.

>An exchange of strikes doesn't really lead to anything.

>Vera does some damage with a barrage of big punches on Bonnar!

>Vera counters a missed punch with a flurry of quick punches to sting Bonnar.

>We are now at the halfway point of the round.

>Vera counters a wayward jab with a barrage of huge punches, knocking Bonnar down!

>Bonnar recovers his wits quickly, and waits for Vera to make a move.

>Vera hurdles over Bonnar, looking to land a diving punch!

>The punch connects! Bonnar is hurt, but not out, and is aware enough to trap Vera in guard.

>Vera throws a few weak-looking punches as he decides on his next move.

>Vera punches down at Bonnar, but they are easily taken on the gloves.

>Bonnar works some separation, then tries to quickly scramble his way into a better position.

>There's under a minute left in this round.

>As the scramble begins, Bonnar sees that Vera has left a leg in, and quickly tries to seize it.

>Missing the leg, Bonnar ends up on his back pulling half guard.

>Vera keeps Bonnar guessing with a few quick strikes.

>Bonnar goes for the sweep from half guard.

>Bonnar sweeps Vera over, ending on top in half guard.

>Time expires and we come to the end of round one.

>A tight round, but definitely 10-9 in favour of Vera.

>Round two begins!

>Vera counters a jab with a series of quick, sharp punches.

>Moving in closer, Bonnar looks like he may want to wrestle Vera.

>Vera counters with a jab that catches Bonnar hard.

>Vera snaps off a crisp jab.

>Vera counters a punch by hitting a stinging jab

>Vera snaps off a crisp jab.

>Bonnar shoots in, looking for a takedown.

>The takedown doesn't work, Vera stuffed it and then works into a clinch position.

>We go past the halfway point of this round.

>The grapple breaks up after a short struggle, and the two fighters step apart.

>A straight jab by Vera keeps Bonnar from advancing.

>Not letting up, Bonnar quickly steps in closer to attack Vera.

>Vera counters a flurry of punches by hitting a crisp punch.

>We have one minute of the round remaining.

>Vera avoids a punch and scores with a jab.

>Vera looks like he might be trying to get in close and wrestle with Bonnar.

>Bonnar sees a chance for a takedown attempt, but Vera is able to defend it.

>Vera counters a wayward jab with a solid jab.

>The time is up, and that's the end of round two.

>I have to give that round to Vera, but only a 10-9.

>And here we go, round three!

>Vera catches Bonnar across the side with a hard kick.

>Vera stings Bonnar with a kick to the ribs.

>Bonnar counters a wayward low kick by catching it and shooting in for a takedown, and gets it! Vera has to pull guard.

>Bonnar pounds away from the guard, but is unable to land many clean shots on Vera.

>Vera works some separation, then tries to quickly scramble his way into a better position.

>As Vera goes to scramble he leaves a leg in, and Bonnar quickly tries to grab it.

>Vera keeps his leg free and comes out on top, with Bonnar pulling guard.

>Vera fires off a few punches, but they aren't thrown with any great force.

>Bonnar tries a sweep from the guard.

>The sweep is brilliant, flipping them over so that Bonnar has mount!

>We've now passed the halfway mark in this round.

>Bonnar pounds away from the mount, but is unable to land many clean shots on Vera.

>Bonnar fires away with punches, but Vera deals with them fairly well.

>Bonnar fires away with elbows, but Vera deals with them fairly well.

>Bonnar tries to pound on Vera, but all the blows are comfortably dealt with.

>Vera tries a sweep from the bottom of the mount, but gets rolled and Bonnar has his back!

>We move into the final sixty seconds of this round.

>Bonnar tries to get the hooks in so that Vera is primed for a rear naked choke.

>The rear naked choke is fully applied, Bonnar has Vera flattened out completely, there is no option but to tap out!

>The winner, by Submission, is Stephan Bonnar!

>Official Result: Stephan Bonnar defeats 'The Truth' Brandon Vera (Submission in 4:43 of round 3). The match was rated as being Excellent.

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I just had one that was pretty good. Machida against Shogun for the belt and it starts with Machida knocking Rua down with punches, gets into guard but Rua slips out of an arm bar. Rua absorbs punches and ends up reversing Machida getting himself into full guard. Machida gives up his back and Rua makes him tap to a choke. All in quick succession in the first round. If that's what actually happens in that fight in a few months, the fans would be going nuts.
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