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New Real World Mod (Untitled Thus Far)

Krazy Killian

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Ok guys, everyone has tried it and few have suceeded - well none really. I am taking it upon myself to make a Real World mod. I appriciate it will be hard and I hope that you will be understanding and helpful through the process.


I am hoping (with little result yet) to base it on Socko's Brawl For All mod and update and extend that as to create a good R2L mod. For this reason I have found some 'hiccups' shall we say?


1) Getting an increasingly difficult opponent.


- Wrespi (unlike TEW) is skill based so people like Randy Orton will be greatly overlooked, skills wise, by people like Hero, Danielson, McGuiness and hell Chuck Taylor. And in the Kayfabe world of wrestling this makes no sense. So

my question is this.


Would people rather me making people like McGuiness and Danielson be overpowered by Orton. I.e: Their attacks may be more impactful/impressive but will do less damage




give thier bodies damage i.e its easier to get them to a critical point. I for one believe the first option makes more sense as WWE wrestlers work out alot more and therefore will be stronger. Also ROH has had some epic long matches and I wouldnt say that thier roster is beat up in any way.


2) Only America


The first release will only be the US scene and thus far will include:




I am looking for other small US promotions that I can use (even if I make up the workers in them) so that the rookie has somewhere to begin. These will be weekly very low paid shows that will give the Rookie enough time to get over slightly as well as a little money to improve skills.


This seems to imitate the real life as alot of shoots with indy wrestlers thier first 'big break' is at Mid South then CZW.


I'd greatly appriciate your thoughts on the matter and whether or not you would play it. In all honesty the mod is primarily for myself but I wold hope others would play it and get enjoyment out of it.





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Whilt I love my fair share of indy wrestlers, don't forget this is a kayfabe game, so whilst technically a lot of indy talent would wipe the floor with the WWE's roster, the WWE should be given a big advantage. If you a re playing RTL in a real world game getting in to the WWE should be really tough. I would base most workers stats on the size of the fed they are in, accuracy of skills isn't really the most important thing in a mod for wrespi in my opinion, getting an experience that makes you feel like you are a real fighter trying to beat increasingly tough opponents occasionally means swallowing your pride and making Snitsky more skilled than AJ Styles - allthough, that might be a step too far!


Good luck by the way! I don't have time to offer anything other than encouragment, but working on this game is a labour of love. The editor seem's a bit dated these days especially with how powerful the editor for the new TEW is. So it will at times test your patience, but in the end I think its a worthwhile endeavour, having said that I am waiting for numero three to appear before doing any modding work on wrespi.

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see this is the problem. I <3 TNA! Lol. Also I am still undecided as to make the WWE 3 seperate companies or not...desicions!


With TNA I believe they will be skilled but quite low on power. Although saying that Angle and Lashley will be a difficult path to cross! I will HAVE to make Angle more powerful and over all better than Ziggler! Surely!


As for waiting for Wrespi3 the way I see it is we could be waiting for a long time. I think we'll be looking at this time next year before it comes out in all honesty.


And I know what you mean about the editor. I was importing the moves from the default and it took me ages. Click, click, click, click. By the end my finger was madly twitching and I couldnt sleep for days with the sound echoing in my head < / melodrama >

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I hear ya about move importing, just in case I have a move set all ready set up so I never have to go through the process!


I wasn't suggesting you wait for WS3 by the way. I expect that any data will be transferable somehow (probably) but the editor being the way it is I just don't have the desire to put myself through the effor and my mod being such a niche mod anyway, it wouldn't be worth the effort!


As for the WWE thing many would say to go for a combined (roster split) RAW and Smackdown with an ECW feeder fed, personally I would go with three feds. So your ultimate goal is to get to RAW via Smackdown and ECW (obviously they would all have pacts) But thats just my preference!

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First of all..Good luck with this project, i can tell you if you can do this well i will start playing this game a lot more.


As for the debate about wrestlers stats, i reckon you should just do it realistically...so Bryan Danielson is one of the best technical wrestlers in the game, and someone like Jack Evans would be one of the best high-flyers in the game. I reckon that would be better then rating indy wrestlers lower then WWE/TNA.


As for company popularities i think you have got a good set-up if you want to make the game challenging. However i personally would have it.


Raw (int), SD(int), TNA(nat), ECW(nat), ROH(cult), CHIKARA(regional), PWG (small), CZW(local), IWA Mid South(local)


But it is your mod and completly up to you, and i put Chikara as regional as i felt one regional company was needed, although i was torn between putting that or PWG as regional.


Good Luck

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