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Need HUGE HELP from Graphics Guys


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Im working on a "secret project" with some people for a new online wrestling game, based off the MMAHavoc engine.


Basicly what I need, if possible, is pictures for all the classes we shall have in the game.

Each class would need a total of 3 pictures, a "default" pic, a "win" pic and a "loss" pic.... if that makes sense...

The "Win" and "Loss" dont need to be too different from the default, even something as simple as a smile & thumbs up / frown & thumbs down would be good.


Classes we have are:


high flyer,


MMA stylist,



ALSO, (sorry for so many demands) each class will also need male & female pics


Not 100% sure about any payment, as we're low on funds, but if you decide to play the game we should be able to figure something "in-game" out.


Huge thanks to anyone who can help out at all

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