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[RELEASE] C-Verse PAINKILLER (October 2008-March 2009)

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-30% more hardcore!


-New promotions in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and one new one in Australia.


-TONS OF (well tens of) NEW VENUES. Tri-State alone now has over 20 and near 30 venues. The focus was on a larger concentration of tiny-very small venues across Japan, the US, and Mexico. I'll admit Mexico got a raw deal while the US and Japan got fat on venues, but Mexico does have more venues in each region.


-The US, Japan, and Mexico venues have been organized an example is:

AL - Alabama Fairgrounds

So if you want a specific state (or providence, or prefecture) just put in the first letter or two letters. Also, there have been capacities added to venues. This is simply for a diary stance as every promotion can't simply hold 300, 1000, etc. This'll help especially for Japanese diaries that use the more traditional event heading posting style of:


NJPW, 9/8/09

Tokyo Korakuen Hall (2,100)

2,000 Fan - Super No Vacancy


-Elaboration on the womens scene. There are womens hardcore companies in Japan, Mexico, and Canada. OLLIE and SOTBPW have pursued womens divisions. WEXXV is under new ownership (Hiroshi Morisue) and now has a hardcore womens division.


-All active promotions have events. The only promotions with less that all 12 are HEE (has 10-11) and 5 or 6 for Huracan Prom.


-A couple of Mexican promotions, MHW (owned by Dragon Muerte), LLM (womens), Huracan Prom, TJ Promo.


-Canadian promotions: BBW II (hardcore womens)


-US promotions: HEE, AAFW II, LAW, GWA, AAHW, GWA


-Australian promotion Oceania Wrestling Company.


-In Japan the new ones are: JCW, hard~door (womens), SCREW (Japanese cult micro), Hokkaido Pro,VZFW (indy sleaze), LSD (shoot style)


-A bunch of new matches (that were released during summer as promotion)


-Bios of most workers in a promotion were redone either by adding something or entirely.


-New worker relationships. Mexican families have been established largely.


-New generational workers: Ole Danzig (2nd generation), Jace Danzig (3rd), etc.


-Some workers have been placed in promotions...others who should've been not so much. My fault on overlooking important workers and pandering to the smaller/less known ones.


-More TV networks and deals


-Promotion relationships altered and new


-There is a wrestling bear in the Alaskan promotion AAHW.


-A few workers retired. In Mexico a lot of older workers in their late 40s to mid 50s are still active since in lucha some workers work into 60s and most work well past their 40s. The game will do a generational wipe anyway and retire the bulk of them in the first year :D


-Some stat altering for improvement and decline. Mostly for a 3 month period although there were some for more than 3 months since I skimmed over alot of workers in my first release.


-90% of contracts for active promotions have an actual length with some having editing time served. I think CGC, the European promotions, and AFW were skipped over.


-Some worker pictures have been changed.



-Should've made more non-wrestling roles. I think I imported a few and created like four or five.



-UK, Europe, Canadian venues most likely...I know the Canadian and UK for sure will be beefed up.


Released: 2nd week September 2009, Tuesday

Original ETR: 1st week July 2009

2nd ETR: 1st week September 2009, Saturday

Size: around 1.3 MB

Note: Be sure to have the most recent Temporary Patch V 1.2 (released August 20, 2009) installed


Alter egos: 440->452

Angles: 437->453

Dojo graduates: 245->247

Dojos: 22->24

Events: 473->726

Gimmicks: 208->234

Hall of Immortals: 58->69

Injuries: 98->103

Locations: 357->629

Match Types: 172->293

Move Sets: 1,188->1,301

Moves: 1,246->1,394

PPV Agreements: 6->6

PPV Carriers: 30->30

Promotion Pacts: 35->6

Promotions: 55->76

Stables: 16->32

Start Injuries: 8->7

Storylines: 37->37

Teams: 324->347

Title Lineage: 1,714->2,279

Titles: 204->273

TV Networks: 49->59

TV Slots: 15->28

TV Shows: 14->30

User Characters: 2->1

Worker Relations: 490?->1,164

Workers: 1,740-ish->1,898

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I've waited for eons, and now it's here.


I can't wait.


Also, California Love Machine's profile in TCW is Nathan Coleman's.


And Joey Minnesota/Sniper is contracted to SWF when clearly he should be in TCW.


One last thing, Hurricane Sandoval or whatever (the owner of the one Lucha promotion), he should be retired and not wrestling as in his son's profile, it said he had to retire in the 70's due to a car accident, that or you can just edit the accident part out of his son's profile.


(playing as hard~door and loving it.)

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Thanks for the heads up midnightnick. Also noticed Shinya Momochi and Akiro Daimaou aren't related (when they are) and the weekly "Road Show" thing isn't working how I expected (PGHW now has weekly PPVs :rolleyes:. I'll have a corrected one tomorrow.


If anyone else find anything let me know.

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Here's what I corrected so far...


-California Love Machine's TCW profile (it was Nathan Coleman's)

-Akiro Daimaou as part of the Momochi family

-Sicilian Superfly is kin to Tony Chord (Antonio)

-Sniper (Joey Minnesota) contracted to TCW

-Huracan Sandoval's bio redone from scratch. Makes mention of retirement, injury, active status, etc. I think I set him to semi-active

-Put Dragon Power-Akiro Daimaou as dating

-Slade (Adam Matravers) picture, put Dahlia (Phoebe Plumridge) as his manager in MOSC

-Gave Jeremy Stone the 2008 World Cup win, I'll have to redo a part of his profile.

-Chopped the "road shows" as they weren't working how I pictured they would. Now shows just have extra time added or a second show (in the case of say PGHW and BHOTWG).

-5SSW has a show on the ONI channel, a network that supports wrestling


What'll be done for Friday's release:

-UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia to all have "LOCATIONS"...and maybe profiles redone. I wouldn't count to much on the latter as far as Australia and Europe are concerned since I'm not to familiar with those game areas.


-some other stuff I picked up on.

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-Elaboration on the womens scene. There are womens hardcore companies in Japan, Mexico, and Canada. OLLIE and SOTBPW have pursued womens divisions. WEXXV is under new ownership (Hiroshi Morisue) and now has a hardcore womens division.


Hmm, this I've gotta see. Didn't think there were enough women good enough to do hardcore convincingly (skill wise) in the C-Verse.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I downloaded it and it really brings nice additions to the C-Verse. I'm still playtesting it to see how the game world behaves after some years and I'm anxiously awaiting the next release before putting my other games aside and starting one with this data. :)


Thanks a lot SWIFT.

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