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USB stick not recognised in Windows Vista

James Casey

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On Tuesday night I was working on my laptop on my MAW diary which is saved on a USB stick.


I had an error message (I think) and a save box popped up. Not clocking it as a major issue, I saved the file, again not twigging when it gave me the warning that the file already existed.


The next day I loaded up my laptop and found that the USB stick I've been using for four months without issue was now not accessible through Windows. It was showing up in Device Manager and Windows Explorer (under a different drive letter, and with a different name from usual), but read as having 0 bytes capacity, and when I try and open it I'm prompted to insert a disk.


I've tried a number of solutions:

Reinstalling the software

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the software

Disconnecting the laptop from the power, removing the stick and mouse, and removing the battery, leaving it overnight and reassembling

Updating the USB drivers from the Windows System folder

Using a last known good restart

Resetting to Saturday's Restore point


Sum total of no change - the Usb stick still won't be read.


I should point out that all three USB ports work fine with my mouse, and I've checked my iPhone and Reader and both work when connected.


I know that Vista has issues with USB devices, but I've not come across one cutting out like this.


There's nothing too critical on the disk - all major files are backed up reasonably recently although my MAW spreadsheet would be useful to have back.


Has anyone had similar problems, or know of a way to resolve it? I've been online a bit in the last few days but my phone is fine for casual browsing - not so much for serious searching...


Thanks in advance!

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