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FOF Historical League has openings

Ragin Cajun

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Hey guys. I just took over the TFL over at Total Sports World, we at TSW support many online leagues including many leagues utilizing Arlie's BBCF.


We're a historical based league currently in 1976. Due to the hack we had a while back that was posted about here, the old commissioner left and I've taken over to keep the league going. I've gotten the domain back up and putting the final pieces in place to start back up in Week 7 of our season. We've had a few owners leave in the break so we are looking for 4-6 owners at this point to fill vacant teams.


Here's a link to our site. http://www.fof-tfl.net/ Feel free to look around and check us out. Here's the thread to our forum noting currently open teams (subject to change): http://www.totalsportsworld.org/forums/showthread.php?t=37555


Thank for checking us out. Let me know if you are interested in joining by posting in the above thread.


Edit: Oh, for the pro game we are using FOF2007.

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We use Front Office Football 2007.


Basically, you download a league file that has all the game data in it for the league. You go in to your team pages in the game and make roster, depth chart and gameplan adjustments for your game that week and then upload your team file that captures your changes.


The commissioner then downloads your export, along with all the others, into his game and then sims the week. Once the sim is completed, he will put up a new league file. You will then download that file to get the updated information in your game so you can see the league at that point..then rinse and repeat.


Hope that helps.

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Jester..If you look at the TSW Leagues link at the top of the forums it appears all the links are safe except for the GL league. Thanks for catching that. I've notified the commissioner and the webmaster to redirect that link to the GL's new site. There are a couple of leagues not active yet as we've prioritized getting leagues back up and running.
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An update: Current open teams are:

Baltimore: 4-2. Joe Theismann, Steve Spurrier, Steve Largent

Chicago: 3-3. Otis Armstrong, Preston Pearson, Fred Dryer

Denver: 1-3-1. Billy Kilmer, Rick Upchurch, Randy Gradishar, Tom Jackson, Lyle Alzado

LA Rams: 3-3: Jaworski, McCutcheon, the Youngblood brothers, Harvey Martin.

Memphis (was Tennessee): 3-2-1. Steve Grogan, Billy White Shoes, Jack Lambert, LC Greenwood, George Atkinson "The Assassin"

Pittsburgh: 6-0, leads AFC East. Terry Bradshaw, Franco, Swann, Mean Joe

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