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german language?!

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hi guys,



my english is not so good and i hope i can understand you and you understanding me :)


first of all, i look wrestling in tv for my life and i search a wrestling game for pc, where i can manage it.



your software greg are makethis but i feel sry,because it is in english, are german translation plane or it is too much time for programming?!


i hope i can buy your software when it is in german,because my english is sometimes very trash ^^:D



love greetings



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Adam, der entwickler, der nicht Deutsch spricht, so ist es nicht wahrscheinlich, dass eine Deutsche übersetzung der fall sein wird.


Ich spreche kein Deutsch, entweder ich nur wie ein online-übersetzer! :D





thats funny, speak english plz, its easier for me then a german-english translator^^

but i understand it, thats sry, because this game tew 2008 look very interesting!

i use at time tew 205 what is freeware at time :):cool:

have you in your team nobody whos can translate this game?!

i mean i know many players who play this game when in german. :)


i can try to translate the game too i ccan ask some players too to help to translate, when greg will it :)


hope of answer, can try in english i can translate some words in translator too :)

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@ GismoCrack:


I play TEW 2008 and I'm from Germany, too. You should be able to play and understand the basics of the game if you have some knowledge of the wrestling buisness. My English is (hopefully) decent, as I lived in Florida for a few months. If I can help you with anything in the game, feel free to contact me via PM...


The following is the exact German translation of the written above:

Ich spiele TEW 2008 und bin auch aus Deutschland. Wenn du etwas Ahnung vom Wrestlingbuisness hast, sollte es trotz deiner Sprachprobleme möglich sein, das Spiel grundsätzlich zu spielen. Mein Englisch ist (hoffentlich) ganz ok, da ich nen paar Monate in Florida gelebt hab. Wenn ich dir irgendwie helfen kann, das Spiel zu verstehen kannst du dich gerne per PM bei mir melden...

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