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A 2010 mixed game?

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Right heres my problem, up to now I was completely happy with going with 2010 with its C-Verse data and doing a diary that would be helped in graphics by a few people I'd enlist to help. However the past few days of playing 08 have left me thinking that the data could become a bit stale if I was to use the original data and pictures.


Its the pictures that got me, so many of the renders for the GDS Verse and Community Verse just look so good I feel kinda bad about the fact I would never get to use them for a diary as I wouldn't really want to play a mod that is always improving as I would feel I am missing out on data.


I thought up two solutions however I don't think either would work. Either A) Import some of the workers that really appeal to me over to the C-Verse? Or B) Just create a whole new batch of characters in the C-Verse with some of the renders (This is of course if I would even be allowed to use them- something I am in the process of getting permission for)


So what do people think? What would be the best option for the game I'm planning? Any other suggestions? Help would be lovely here :)



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