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really? a bump for 2 slots????








I see this was needed...


erm.. anyway... surprising stars? none really.. everyone I have who can be considered a 'star' was expected, by me at least... the most surprising thing for me is when Ive built a fighter up and he's reached the top and then just capitulates and falls off the radar..


ill use Jonathan Huang as my example..


obviously starts out at 0-0 and is expected to be great.. al his 11 fights have been with me.. in his first 5 fights he defeated 'lower level' fighters such as Woody Fierstein, Henning Olsen, Hans-Peter Schneider, Fjorder Kanchelskis and then Thorbjorn Rekdal.. He then forced JJ Reid into submission and then put away Leonardo da Costa to reach #2 in the Middleweight rankings..


He took 2 minutes to force a tap out from the previousy dominant Champion Neil Napier to take the title.. and its not like Napier is on the decline, hes recently reclaimed the title himself.. anyway after the Napier fight, he took on Buddy Garner and much to my surprise he was turned over in a demoralising 5-round decision.. I figured.. thats ok.. Garner is pretty damn good.. he went on to beat Matthew Dean before losing to Napier..


Huang moved on, I paired him with the 'not fantastic, not awful' Osmosis Benn and... well lost rather pathetically in a decision.. I then gave him Ashley Ballard, in the hope he could stop the rot.. but he was TKO'd inside 2.. now Ballard is a well-respected Middleweight.. will probably get himself in the title picture with another win..


but maybe I had the wrong idea with Huang, maybe I shouldve given him some cans to get his momentum back instead giving him a good fight..



aside from that little tangent, I dont really have any surprising 'stars'... just stars who have surprised me by going downhill fast..

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Almost three years in with SIGMA. Climbed to #1 High level International.


Aleksander Ivanov has turned into a monster for me at 12-0 and my Heavyweight champion.


By the way, he just defended his title and handed Fezzik (29-1) his first loss via RNC in the 4th round. I was blown away.


Jonathan Haung is another strong surprise fighter for me. He has wrecked WW at 9-0 and defending champion. Just moved him up for a superfight at MW for the title since he's cleaned out my WW division (just signed a few big guys though) and he also got RNC'd by Thorborne (sp) Rekdal (21-3), my middleweight champ. I was also blown away by this, lol.


Francesco Marazzina at FW has been a beast, has a title fight coming up with Li Kong-Ho who has cleaned out the division, including Ziskie. Marazzina has run through Valentino, Pedro Alves, and Lars Bohlin, so it could be a good fight.


Lubos Plasil has dominated at LW for me aswell. Just submitted Lermentov to retain his title.

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Renato. He is currently on an impressive win streak with wins over guys like Fezzik, Katou and Ivanov.


hes another guy who was looking good and then flopped in the clinch..


built him up to 11-0; then he lost randomly to Frank Sheedy.. followed by a win against Wilson Franklyn, before being fed to Rav Kapur.. then beat Grzegorz Boniek and lost to Duke Aiona..


13-3 and isnt even in my Top 10 Heavyweights in the Rankings..

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playing Tap or Snap 2 I'd say my surprising star has been Un Sik Song


13-0 (6-0 for me)


Beat By Decision - Ryan Diaz, Per Eklund and Giorgio Andrews

Beat by submission - Leigh Remedios, "The Irish Handgranade" Marcus Davis and Dean Amasinger to win the Welterweight title


now I can't wait to see if he can hang onto the gold in a division that has Matt Brown, Jim Wallhead, Dan Hornbuckle, Frank Trigg & Paul Daley


set to face 7-2 (5-1 for me) David Faulker in his first title defense at MFC. Faulkner has wins against Marcus Davis and Denis Siver to his name

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Lubos Plasil - hes taken out Paulo Roberto Bezerra, Brandon Sugar, and just defeated Li-Kong Ho for my FW title in SIGMA. Granted it was by LnP, but still.


Marco Bernacci - defeated Mellberg, Colm Dee, and KO'd Fiyero Lermontov to win the SIGMA LW title.


Mugur Boc - Just defeated Terron Cabal for the SIGMA HW Title, Cabal was undefeated having defenses over Sarkisian x 2, Lefter Oktay, and The Finn-isher



Kurt McDonald - since I picked him up hes blown up the competition defeating Verdigree, Sylvester Collins, Lefter Oktay, and Jean-Pierre Richeaulle all by KO.

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Rupert Dreck is currently 14-1 and my LHW champion. His last five victories have all come over fighters that I expected would beat him--I have no idea how he keeps winning against elite fighters, several of whom appear to have significantly more skill than he does. Here are his last five fights:


1/2002 Submission (3.54 rd. 3) vs. Anthony LeToussier--Great rating


6/2002 KO (0.42 rd. 2) vs. Sho Kitabatake--Good rating (ending Kitabatake's undefeated streak)


11/2002 TKO (4.19 rd. 3) vs. Hyun-Shik Lim--Excellent rating (supposed to be a bounce back fight for Lim, who had just ended a dominant run as LHW champion with a tough loss to Asanovic)


4/2003 TKO (2.06 rd. 3) vs. Jin Katou--Great rating


10/2003 Submission (9.45 rd. 2) vs. Jiroemon Hasegawa--Decent rating (Dreck wins the title by somehow submitting the previously undefeated Hasegawa and avenges the only loss of his career. The rubber match between these two should be a huge draw if they can both manage to stay strong.)


I've never seen Dreck have anywhere near this level of success in any other game.

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Kenny Florian just retired following his 15th straight defeat (1 - 17 in total fights), didn't expect him to be an elite guy in promotion like but still was surprised by such a horrible record. To be fair though he didn't fight any easy guys and after a while he did become a good guy for my top prospects to beat.


Didn't match Bonnar's streak though, just retired after his 17th straight defeat, went 0 - 12 for me.


On the good side of things Alexander Gustafsson is 23 - 1 (12 - 1 for me), holding victories over Evans, Bader, Maia, Thiago Silva and Jackson. I've not seen much of him in real life so found him a surprising star for me in my game (oh, using modified tap or snap 2 mod).


Un Sik Song was mentioned a few posts earlier, for me he has done well also, is currently 17 - 1 (9 - 1 for my promotion).

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I don't profess to be any expect on MMA, but it seems like fighters get on losing streaks waaaay too easily in WMMA. Seems like every decent fighter follows the same trend of hitting their peak, and then bumming out with six losses in a row.


I understand what you are saying but it isn't quite the case. And even if it were, barring the odd exception (read: Couture) that is how many fighters careers pan out. That isn't just localised to MMA either, look at boxing for example.


Fezzik, Ho, Regueiro, Garner along with others have gone on to defeat the best up until their retirements, at least in my games. Why do fighters retire? Because they lose there passion to do so, or their skills have dissapated. The same is true for any sporting profession.

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