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Issues with hiring/using fighters for CPU

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I'm sure this has been brought up somewhere but I could not find it recently.


I'm seeing alot of decent-good fighters go unsigned by CPU promotions when those promos are struggling (especially ALPHA-1 at low level regional for over five years). Carlos da Guia is the most notable. He appeared in game (using Dawn of the Old mod) six months ago and neither GAMMA nor ALPHA-1 have tried to sign him. He's only a low-level regional in South America so it shouldn't be a contract issue with either. Both could use a rising star to help build some excitement around (GAMMA figting to get to National status). It seems as though there are some logic issues in signing guys by the CPU.


Also, I see a lot of guys go their entire contract without getting a fight. Granted, most of these are probably one 12 month contracts, but why is the CPU signing these guys and not using them, especially when neither promo has had more than seven fights on a card. For example, Caca de Andrade just re-signed with GAMMA but hasn't fought for them yet. He's got a $600/fight, eight-month contract now and I'm sure the other was similar. That guys is better than 90% of the guys on their roster but they aren't using him.


Is there an angle I'm missing? I'm the top promotion in the game (TapOut) and like to have these guys build their record and rep in the smaller promos before I sign them. With the CPU not utilizing them I'm not getting the influx of talent I had hoped for.

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So I've advanced about six months since getting the latest patch and Carlos da Guia is still a free agent. I'm hoping he gets signed now that the WVTC has opened but I still think ALPHA-1 or GAMMA should have signed him. Ashley Ballard, Lefter Oktay and Philip Ziskie are all unsigned as well and have been in the game world for 4-8 months.
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Okay, a month into the existence of WVTC, da Guia and the others still remained unsigned by anyone.


However, here is a list of the "studs" they have signed:

Paletilolu 3-5

Streit 5-6

Iida 3-7

B. Dixon 4-8

Stiles 1-2

Weatherly 2-6

G. Silva 3-4

Pimm 6-5

Bould 2-6

Oberto 4-6

Oliveira 1-3

Goulet 0-8

Chymes 2-3

Sato 4-7


It seems likes there's a bug which prevents promos from signing 0-0 guys that debut with 0 rep/pop. How do guys gets built up in smaller promos if they won't sign them? I shouldn't have to sign every new fighter that enters the game world if I want to see them fight because 30% regional prmos won't sign them...:confused:

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I finally got all but Ziskie to sign by lowering their name value to unknown across the board. Not sure why they won't sign Ziskie. Oktay and Ballard had to fight in a regional show before someone signed them.


I'll concede the rep issue may have led to them not signing initially because most of the promotions were new and not trying to pay much. However, if a promo debuts above 0% popularity, they always lose their first several shows. If they would've signed a couple of these guys when they had name value, they could have had viable draws and still would not have been that expensive. At 0%, they should have been snatched up right away because of their skills and the possibility to build the promo around them.


I still feel the signing logic needs tweaking. It is like the CPU programs cannot see the ratings. That dosen't sound right to me.

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