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Marketing & Admin finances?

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what are they and how do you get them to be lower in the expenses

in one month they went from 8,000 (marketing) and 18,000 (Admin) to 36,000 and 23,000 for no apparent reason i can see.


did you get bigger


and they are pretty much the reason people come and watch your shows, admin is i believe the legal stuff

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I have been doing it with UFC on MW5 and as long as the fights are good they keep you up, remember it isn't always about the top names being on the show, it's about the best fights being put on.


a championship fight and since (UFC as my example) has 5 titles, (been thinking of adding a 6) i can do a title every month, with a number 1 contenders match for that title as the co-mainevent, then i just make solid matches people will watch and build up people with prelim.


Fight Night, I use no bodies or a big name like Congo against a nobody to build his momentum up, easy, cheap, and if the fights are good it keeps my company looking good.


Name value is great but performance rating is awesome

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