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Slight nit pick on recruiting screen

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I was perusing the recruiting screen and have a couple of observations about the lift totals. I don't know if these are anything more than cosmetic or to tell you a kid is strong, but, there sure are some beasts on that screen. There are kids that even with just a decent Power clean (say 225) would have 3 lift totals of close to 1400 lbs (Squat, Bench and Power clean) In 18 years of Coaching I have never personally seen a High School kid get over 1400 lbs for a 3 lift total, or seen a Kid over 1100 pounds on 2 lifts. Three lift totals of 1000 pounds are considered strong and 1200 pounds plain studly. This of course also takes into account the fact that a legit paralell squat is being performed, not a box squat. Our strongest Kid this year was 325 Bench, 520 squat, 285 PC) 3 lift total 1130 lbs and in my experience those are pretty much normal numbers for the strongest kids at a school. Every few years you will have a freak that exceeds 1200 or may push 1300 lbs, but they are rare. Another real minor cosmetic thing is that lift totals are tracked in increments of 5 pounds for testing/recruiting purposes. You won't see Kids benches/squats listed at 298, 517 etc. Again minor details and not a complaint, just offering feedback. Can't wait to play :)
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