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So far I am very impressed. Coached one game of a season with Florida, simmed 3 weeks thus far. The game stats for my game felt right. I would like to know just how I can "bring in the second team" if there is not an option to do that in blowouts, there should be. Do I have to change and save the depth chart in game to remove starters? And if I do, will it go back to normal after the game so I dont have to keep changing it? I did notice that when i attempted a field goal, the pbp said "you chose extra-pont.' A little thing, but something to fix. Also, would it be possible to toggle the positions on the player markers in the play diagrams? I would like to use player numbers instead of FL/SE/HB/CB/QB, etc. I'll add more stuff as I notice it. But I must say that this game looks very good, plays smooth. Sim speed could be a little faster, but its not too bad. The game installed and ran fine on my laptop without any issues which I noticed. Question, will it be possible to edit the names of the polls, change GDCS with BCS, etc. Again, nice looking game, I will certainly be purchasing this one when it's available. This is the game I've been waiting for. I'll add more thoughts about polls and stuff as I watch them play out, I plan to coach each game of this season over the holiday. Great time for a playtest!
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