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ECW-One Night Stand


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I'm gonna be honest, I was strictly WCW when this whole war thing was going on. I had a friend of mine who use to scream "Tommy Dreamer can beat Lex Lugar in a no-holds-barred match anyday!!" My comeback was always, WHO is Tommy Dreamer?? Tonight, for the first time in my life, I ordered an ECW ppv. One Night Stand was probably one of the best PPV's I've seen in my almost 20+ years of being a wrestling fan. RVD's speech, I'm gonna be honest, it moved me. It forced me to download some old ECW matches and RVD was amazing on the mic and in the ring. I have to say though, even though it was good to see Bischoff get attacked in the ring again, my favorite part of the whole night was the cheese grater on Dreamer's head. That, to me, embodied ECW. I can't go down as a crazy som'b**ch who yells "ECW ECW!!" but I will say this that I am a fan now. Thanks for letting me voice this here.
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