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Nine Point TD???

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Am I the only one who has had this problem? - I am playing my first game and give up a TD to Michigan St. So they decide to go for a 2pt play - and for thier two-pointer they choose....Field Goal??????????????? - 9point TD! [I] Michigan State ball, Q4, 2-9-ND18 (12:11) 20-14 Offense: Medium Pass, Set: Trips, Play: TR-WR3-corner-FL-curl (med pass) Defense: Stop Pass, Set: 4-3, Play: 43-norm-TMan-R (normal) QB Bosley LaChapelle sets up…plants and throws to WR Andra Schrader on the hook route. The FLputs his body between the ball and the defender - touchdown!MIST: Gain of 18 on the play. Michigan State ball, Q4, 1-0-ND0 (11:37) 26-14 Travaris Posey will attempt the 21 yard field goal.The snap is good, here's the kick it's in there. Michigan State ball, Q4, 1-10-MIST35 (11:19) 29-14[/I]
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