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Tremendous ending that I had to share...

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Okay, so I have to share this with somebody and my fiancee would look at me like I'm nuts (she gets the OOTP thing but I'm not sure how excited she'll be about a college football league now too!). But anyway, my third game of the year playing as my Boilermakers. We're ranked 8'th, Wisconsin is 7'th, and we're at Wisconsin. Tie game, Wisconsin ball: Wisconsin ball, Q4, 1-10-PUR43 (00:17) 27-27 Offense: Short Pass, Set: Trips, Play: TR-WR3-flat-FL-in (short pass) Defense: Normal, Set: Nickel, Play: Nickel-norm-TMan (normal) WR Desmond Lepsis looks to be open on the post pattern. QB Troy Warfield makes the throw the SE with the catch. He's brought down quickly by OLB Musa Burruss after a short gain." Wisconsin calls timeout!WIS: Gain of 3 on the play. Wisconsin ball, Q4, 2-7-PUR40 (00:11) 27-27 Solomon Dunsmore will attempt the 58 yard field goal.The snap is good, here's the kick it's in there. Wisconsin ball, Q4, 1-10-WIS35 (00:04) 30-27 Solomon Dunsmore set to kick, Not a good kick at all.Its going to be taken by Keenan Crumpler.He takes up to the 46. 1st and 10 for Purdue on the short kick by Solomon Dunsmore. Purdue ball, Q4, 1-10-PUR46 (00:00) 27-30 Offense: Long Pass, Set: Shotgun, Play: SG-SE-streaks (deep pass) Defense: Stop Pass, Set: Nickel, Play: Nickel-pass-MZ (target pass) QB DeJhown McDuffie assesses his options. He sees that WR DeShaun DeLong has beat his man and lofts a pass out to him. The ball is perfectly placed, and the SE makes the catch in stride. It's a sprint to the endzone touchdown!PUR: Gain of 54 on the play. FINAL SCORE: Purdue 33, Wisconsin 30 as the gun sounds I jumped out of my chair to celebrate the victory, no joke. Arlie, this game has great potential and I'm excited to have gotten such a preview of it.
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