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Help with Danger Levels?

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So I ran three shows all of them I lowered the danger levels to around 5-10%. I guess I took them to mean the wrong thing. I figured better workers lowered how dangerous a match would be. Suddenly on the fourth show every match didn't have enough dangerous spots for the crowd. So I upped it into the 20s, same note. Upped it into the 30s and got the same note. Anything past the 40s and I was being told that it was too dangerous for some fans. So 40% is what I ran and didn't get the note. Is there a reason this would suddenly start happening after three shows? My promotion's match danger is currently sent at 30 (has been since the game started) yet that's not "dangerous" enough for the fans.
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Traditional is Heavy

Mainstream is Key Feature

Comedy is Medium

Cult is Low

Risque is Heavy

Modern is Low

Realism and Hype Realism is None

Hardcore is Low

Lucha Libre is None

Pure is None

Daredevil is Very Low


I had RAW set to focus on Mainstream while ECW was focusing on Risque. ECW was where I got all the problems with the danger levels being too low. However, it was the second ECW show I'd ran with the first one receiving no issues.

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If I'm looking at it correctly, I think your problem is in running Risque and Mainstream and Traditional so high at the same time. Risque normally requires a higher match intensity than mainstream and traditional, so when you try to blend them, part of your audience wants to see non-intense matches, and part want to see more intense.
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