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Giving away my old license for TEW2007!!!

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I'm opening this one to here because in dog pound only one person noticed this and won TEW2008. I guess there is people in this part of the forum who want newer version of the game :)


As I bought TEW 2010 when it came out, I no longer play TEW2007 (haven't played for year), so I decided to give license number of the game away for free. Only thing you must do in order to get either one is to answer set of questions about Cornellverse.




Answer either private or to this forum


For answering, copy the questions and answer in clear manner.


Answer to all the questions in one post!


Do not edit your post after you answer, i will notice it!


I'm giving away the game, so I decide who get it. No arguing!


After the winners are clear, I will send license codes private.


So here we go!




Which 5 wrestlers walked out of BHOTWG to create INSPIRE?


Two former DAVE wrestlers decided to wrestle in WEXXW rather than in DAVE when WEXXW and DAVE fell out. What was the name of these wrestlers?


Name 9 wrestlers who graduated from SWF training camp and debuted in SWF december 2005? Which of these wrestlers has been released between 2007 and 2010?

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1. Mike Watson, Raul Hughes, Tadiyuki Kikkawa, Masaaki Okazaki and Tasuku Iesada.


2. Doug Peak and Henry Lee


3 Akima Brave, Grease Hogg, Kid Toma, Knuckles, Lead Belly, Marc DuBois, Randy Bumfhole, Shady K and Zimmy Bumfhole. Grease Hogg and Lead Belly have been released.


How'd I do? How'd I do?

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