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no holds barred 1989, narratives spoiler thread

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If your reading this then you want to know what narratives and there porposes, i never posted this in the main topic because some people will read it my mistake


here are just afew added so far:


- In mid 1995, Steve Austin is found to be an antiques collector (this is actually true), this causes Austin to have an american popularity boost (the effect is only 2/10). This is just incase he doesnt get the push he did in real life and a level of 2 is only slight so it wont make a great difference


- September 89, Ironman Flair, a headline based on the fact that Ric Flair's matches have averaged 36 minutes per match since 1986, 19 of which have lasted over 50 mintues. This peaks Ric Flairs physical condition but is also in as a nice to read statistic and to remind those booking the NWA that Ric Flair has great stamina


- Beefcakes Boating Accident, a story about Ed Leslies boating accident, abrief write up on how it happened and the surgey he recieved (81 hours surgey, 8 steel plates etc). This also has the maximum effect on lowering beefcakes physical condition, as its not an injury time off should see him fully recover


- The Warlord, in 1996 The Warlord was involved in a accident were he was hit by a Pizza Hut delievery carrier and actualy forced him into retirement. This the same as Beefcakes effects lower his physical condition fully. Being as this happens in 1996 this may actually make him retire as he did in real life


- Subberban Commando, a write up on wrestling fans visting there local cinema to watch the release of Subberban Commando staring Hulk Hogan, this has no effects


- The return of a Bulldog, december 1989, a story that appears around aweek before Davey Boy Smith returns from injury, the narrative tells you how he got injury and that he hopes to return to the ring next week, this has no effects


- Summerslam 89, a little write up about summerslam 89, this appears on the second day


there are more but i crnt remember them off the top of my head, ill add more as i add them into the game


if you have any suggestions post em here

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