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[HYPE] Alternate History Mod

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Back from the TEW2008 graveyard, this is the return of my long-dead mod. I've decided to not only resurrect this, but to revamp it in hopes of making it bigger and better than before.


For future reference, this first post will serve as an introduction, while the second post will be used to display my current status.




This will be a mod that combines various storytelling mediums such as film, television and comic books into one massive mod. However, unlike my previous attempts, I'll be creating a universe and history from scratch. Every single character will have an altered back story that ties into the alternate history I'll be making. If you have read the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels by Alan Moore then you'll know what I'm shooting for. I'll be drawing characters from...



Comic Books

Fan Films





Video Games


If you have any requests for workers that fall into those categories or just any ideas in general feel free to let me know.




Backstory / Setup:


It is January 1940. World War II has recently begun and all of the sudden the future looks very grim. You are walking in the heart of New York City. As war bond posters and Uncle Sam propaganda pieces whiz by you in a blur you stop short, hearing a large commotion down at the street corner. As you make your way down the block you hear some screaming fanatically, while others look on in disbelief.


Once you make it into the frantic crowd you grab one of the newly-delivered newspapers. What could it be? An attack from the Japanese? Fearing the worst, you look at the front headline and the world seems to almost slow down to a complete stop. The paper reads…


“Roosevelt Unveils Super-Solider codenamed 'CAPTAIN AMERICA'”


The numbness dissipates and you chuckle. This cannot possibly be true. It’s the stuff of children literature. Later that day you watch the news and see it…a man in a gaudy, patriotic costume doing the impossible--dodging speeding bullets and launching men into the air with a single arm. A military scientist exclaims, “The superman exists and he’s American!” Your stomach turns and you sense that something is off…


…that something has gone horribly wrong...


Further updates coming soon.

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Make it happen Sasso - your mod is the whole reason I suggested narratives in the first place!


(okay I didn't technically call them narratives or mention all the little options.. but I did suggest something that you could set a breaking news event to happen at a specific date, so you could have things like Rossevelt unveiling the super soldier, and Tony Starks cutting deals in the industry (I think that was another of your newspaper clippings))

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