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**Release** Black Oil Skin v.1 (Beta)

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So, even though no one mentioned wanting it, I decided to make this skin. Now, all I've done, for the most part, is put a background to the skin pack that FIN provided.


I called it a beta, as there are some things I plan on editing. One issue I do know of that I'll address in the next version is text.


Also, I'm just using the default buttons, toolbars, etc. All I've done are the files in the background folder.


Being partially white, some of the text is unreadable. I'm going to change up the background some to accommodate that.


So, please, if you want/have time, give it a look, and let me know if anything is off, not done, etc. The more eyes the merrier!


Download Link

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That could be the issue. I just copied the default folder, renamed it, and pasted my files in the backgrounds folder and it worked.



OK, I found the files I needed to edit, and from what I've seen, the skin should be good to go. I do plan on changing out the yellow text, but, that might take me a little longer.


I updated the original link, or you can get the fixed files in the zip attached here.


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