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Chicago Championship Wrestling

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Chicago, Illinois. The place where everything has happened, except wrestling-wise. Wrestling-wise the whole city has not been to kind. Wrestling-wise; there hasn’t been a promotion that has operated in Illinois (not just Chicago in general) since the early 90’s when Championship Wrestling from Chicago finally ran it’s course and held it’s final show.


Fast forward nearly 20 years, and we are in the year 2010. Rewind back to last year; and I was on top of my game. I was just about to complete a deal with Supreme Wrestling Federation, but something terrible happened. I fatally injured my knee. To be exact, my knee was shattered. How did this happen? It happened in my last match in Costal Zone Championship Wrestling. I rose to the top rope, ready to hit a flawless moonsault from the top rope to the floor, but the person who I was going against (a jobber by the name of Bob Casey) failed to catch me. Not only did my knee get injured, the whole show plan was messed up as I was supposed to wrestle a second match against Fox Mask. That never happened. Instead what happened was a long trip to the emergency room. Doctor's said I'd be okay...By 2011.


Come back to 2010, after a year of meticulous planning – I have been able to establish something in my homestate of Illinois; something that can pass the time of my injury. Something that as mentioned before hasn’t been done for nearly 20 years. Create a wrestling promotion based in Chicago (or Illinois in general). So ladies and gentlemen, sit back and enjoy…




Thanks to Kam for making the sweet logos. Most of them will appear later down the line.

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Chicago Championship Wrestling...

Chapter One: The Point



A venue should hold something special. A venue should be a place to remember in ten years time. So, the first thing on my mind was to search for a venue, a venue which could do just what a venue should do. Hold memories—not bad ones—good ones. So I went looking for one of the cheapest venues around which was suitable for wrestling. I remembered there was a small venue owned by a friend of mine in Downtown. The place was called ‘The Point’. There used to be an extremely small auditorium before The Point came along, but that was demolished in 2000. What is The Point? It was a club that was built four years after the auditorium had been demolished, it took four years mainly because the ground was not safe enough to work on. The whole place is two floors (if you can call a small balcony square a floor). I pulled up in my Ford Focus, right outside the club. The time was nine o’clock at night, and the clubbers had already flooded the dancefloor as coloured lighting flashed from side to side and the lights started flickering. In the dancefloor, all I could see were people wearing bright glowsticks within their shoes and on their wrists. I went up to the bar, ordered a Jack Daniels from the barkeep.


“Yo man; have you seen Ted?”


The barkeeper didn’t answer me at first as he started washing down the whole bar with a brown rag. I had to ask my question again:


“Ey; you seen Ted?”


Finally the barkeeper heard me and looked up towards me. His face was clearly tired. The bags under his eyes, his uncut beard which really looks like he hasn’t cut it for weeks on end.


“I’m sorry, who’s asking?”


“I’m a friend.”


“Ted has lots of friends, be more specific.”


“We went to Kendall College together, played on the football team. Yo man is that good enough?”


“Heh, whatever. He’ll just kick you out if he doesn’t know you causing you to be thrown out by security; so go ahead, it’s your ****ing choice. He’s out back in the little office.”


Getting off my stall, I headed out to the back. Weaving in and out of those young kids raving their asses off with the glow sticks whilst bumpin’ and grindin’ because they were living it up; like I had previously been doing for most of my lifetime. Finally I reached the end of the dancefloor, smelling of alcohol and clothes creased. I found myself looking at the door that leads to Ted Jones’ office, I knocked on the door twice, and a response came from inside telling me to come in. The door was opened wide, and Ted hadn’t changed one bit. He still had the bleach blonde hair, even though it was thinning very much. His eyes had bags under them, as if he’d been working for a long period without sleep – and on top of that, his face seemed drawn. It was clear the whole nightclub scene had done something to him. Nonetheless, I went over and shook hands with him.


“Joel, how are you doing?”


“Fine; what about you?” I replied as his smile turned back into a frown.


“Times are tough I must admit and recession is kicking my ass right now. Can’t keep the club afloat.”


“Afloat? What do you mean keep it afloat, the place is swimming with people.”


“That’s what it seems like, but nobody is buying drinks – and nobody is actually buying the food prepared here in the club. Also, the person who owns this land has been raising the rent.”


Ted walked towards the cabinet in his small office. His walk was more like a strut as he walked across the creaking floorboards. He opened it up and pulled out a bottle of champagne, half full…


“Want some?” he said holding the bottle up to the air in the direction of me as he grabbed two glasses from the same cabinet.


“I don’t like champagne.” I replied in a kind manor.


“Ah whatever man, your loss.” He poured what remained in the champagne bottle into his tall glass. “Where was I? Ah yes, the guy who owns this land has been raising the goddamn rent. Now that’s a problem for me, and I’d love to confront him – but y’know, I’d just get arrested for assault or some bull**** like that.” Ted took one big gulp of the champagne and laid the glass down.


“Well, I guess I might as well tell you what I’ve come here for. It involves this place.”


“Whatever it is, as long as it doesn’t involve drugs, I should be fine with it. What do you have in mind?”


“I was thinking about starting a wrestling promotion.”


Ted looked at me with a concerned look.


“You ain’t planning on wrestling again? I mean your knee is—”


“—Yeah, I know. It’s pretty damaged. I ain’t planning on wrestling…yet. Instead I’m planning on actually running and booking my own promotion.”




“Yeah. But I came here to ask you about something. If this whole plan does go through, would you let me…”


“Let you what?”


“Hold a shows in here monthly?”


“Hold up, hold up. You mean wrestling shows, in my nightclub? But I don’t have a license for that type of thing…”


“Don’t need one.”


“Your ****ting me right?”






“Yeah, I can get one real easily. It would take a few days or so. But think about it from my perception. We will make money, depending on how many people actually come to the shows. You will be able to pay off the bills and most importantly you will actually get some rest.”


“Rest? Who says I need rest?”


“Your face tells the story.”


“…You read me like a book my friend. That’s why in college nobody could get anything past you. But on a serious note; would wrestling really generate money? I mean I thought the wrestling market had gone downhill due to Mixed Martial Arts. I mean right now MMA is the place to be, with Raul Hughes and all those fighters going to GAMMA.”


“And? Who said we were going to be big anyway? I’ve always considered the small wrestling promotions the best, and that’s a fact.”


“I’m not the expert but I guess if you know what your doing, your doing it right. Let this be the venue, so what day are your proposing your shows be?”


“Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.”


“Woah, woah, woah! Hold it right there! That’s the weekend your talking about.”


“I’m sure you can just take a few hours off, I mean it only takes like half-an-hour to set up the ring and half-an-hour to deconstruct it. That coupled with our wrestling show would take three-hours.”


“I won’t let you do that.”


“Why not?”


“Club peak times man.”


“Aw, come on. Your club only gets busy at 10PM.”


“Touché. What times are you thinking about starting the shows?”




“I guess that would be fine. Finish directly at 10PM?”




“Okay, you got a deal. Drink to it?”




“Alright, suit yourself you ****ing bastard, haha.” He took another huge glug of the glass before I said my goodbye and was about to get out the door…




“Yeah Ted.”


“Sign Henry Lee. I loved that guy back in the DaVE.”


“Yeah sure man.”


I left, closing the door behind me and wandered through the crowd of people before heading home…

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Chicago Championship Wrestling…

Chapter Two: The Roster Run Down


I made a few calls to friends. I made a few calls to promotions willing to have a working agreement with me, in order to have some decent well-known workers for the promotion. I have also contacted workers that haven’t been employed (or haven’t found their first promotion since their debut).







Scott ‘Animal’ Harker is a wild young brawler from Dallas, Texas, who some see shades of the late great Wild Man Sullivan in. The 280lb bruiser is fairly limited in terms of technique, but makes up for that with an intense attack style and a willingness to take a beating. He also seems to have a natural ability to get a crowd on his side, as even though he hardly ever touches a microphone he always seems to have the fans rooting for him.




Ricardo ‘Antonio’ Del Veccio is a young Italian-American who is best known for his appearances with Mid Atlantic Wrestling, where he was one of the original members of the roster, wrestling simply as "Antonio". A solid all-round wrestler, he was something of a protégé to the legendary Rip Chord, an influence that shone through both with his adoption of a DDT as his finisher and in his increased work rate.



‘The Teen Dream’ BRENDAN IDOL w/ Julie Forletta

‘The Teen Dream’ Brendan Idol is a worker from the West Coast, who is becoming well known for his high flying style and the great spectacular bumps he takes. Seeing the impact he has on teenage girls in the audience, and the potential money-making opportunities that brings, the Supreme Wrestling Federation became interested in him, and in 2006 he headed to their feeder league RIPW in order to improve as an all-round worker. Unfortunately he failed to catch on or impress the management there, and so he was released in 2009.





The mysterious hooded wrestler Brimstone is a young guy who first came to attention working as an opening act for Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. Apparently having been discovered on the local independent scene by Mitch Naess himself, Brimstone is a hardcore-style high flier, prone to taking big risks with his crazy dives. Was released from Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling; though will make a perfect fit for Chicago Championship Wrestling slight ‘hardcore’ environment.




‘Bulldozer’ Brandon Smith is a heavyweight grappler from Robinsdale, Minnesota. A former football stand-out, he began training to be a wrestler when a knee injury ended his dreams of pro ball. He is a powerful fighter who generally likes to get in close and crush his opponent with heavy duty Japanese-style suplexes and violent slams. He was spotted by Rip Chord during some of his first few independent matches, and impressed enough that he was brought into MAW for training. He made his debut for the promotion in October 2007, working under a mask as the ultra old-school character American Patriot (originally ‘The Masked Patriot’, until legal action over the rights to the character forced a change), and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming MAW champion just under two years later.




‘The Second Generation Superstar’ Cameron Vessey is the son of the legendary Larry, and nephew of Bryan. Trained primarily by his uncle, Cameron is a solid all-round wrestler, and is already looking like a fantastic prospect for future glory; he should have no problem carrying on the legacy of the family name. In 2007 he made his debut for Mid Atlantic Wrestling, having been recommended to Rip Chord by his dad. Since then he has formed a pretty good tag team with Casey Valentine ("C-V-2") and become the leader-of-sorts of The Succession, a stable of young wrestlers with family ties to the business that also includes Jay Chord and Brett Starr. He is also the 2009 winner of the prestigious Rip Chord Invitational.




Dagger is a lightweight American worker who is best known for his work north of the border, having been one of the brightest prospects on the Canadian independent scene for a few years. In 2009 he was signed by ACPW, who have high hopes for him. Unlike a lot of his peers, Dagger downplays his high flying in favour of brawling - a good kick boxer, he likes to light up his opponents with stiff strikes.




‘Dangerous’ Doug Peak is a 275lb brawler who is noted for his hardcore style. He is best known for his tag team work, primarily alongside his brother Eddie; they were a dominant duo in both DAVE and WEXXV, and were considered one of the toughest teams of the modern era. The team split up in October 2006, when the falling out between DAVE and WEXXV resulted in Doug electing to remain in Japan while his brother returned to the US to become a huge star. Doug has established himself as one of the best foreign workers in WEXXV, and is particularly noted for his tag team with another ex-DAVE employee, Henry Lee. ‘The American Psychos’ are former tag team champions, and key members of the biggest heel stable in the promotion, The S.O.B.




Mark ‘Fox Mask’ Murdoch is best known to wrestling fans for being the figurehead and icon of Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling. A constant presence in the main event scene for years, ‘The King Of The Coastal Zone’ is a six-time champion as of 2010. A very good high flier who has criminally under-rated technical skills, Fox Mask is noted for the Japanese influence on his ring work. He has said on many occasions that he would love to compete in Japan for one of the major companies, but with the years ticking by it looks like he may never get that opportunity.




"P-Dawg" Frankie Perez is a talented wrestler from California, who has swiftly risen to cult stardom with Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling. A hard-hitter, Frankie is well known for his ultra stiff kicks, and it is his ultra-violent no-nonsense style of attack that has made him a huge favourite with tape traders and Internet fans around the world.




"The Icon Of Insanity" Henry Lee is most famous for his decade with DAVE, where he was a major star and one of the wrestlers whose hard work and sacrifice helped make the promotion such a success and cult phenomenon. Although absolutely terrible in the ring, his crazy brawls and willingness to take spectacular bumps made him very, very popular.




Jayson ‘The Sensation’ Van Pelt is a promising young talent from Canada. Debuting in 2007, the youngster quickly impressed watchers on the independent scene with his mix of skill and aerial warfare. In 2009 he was signed up by All Canada Pro Wrestling, and was soon established near the top of the card.




‘Speedball’ Marc Speed is a talented worker from Detroit, who is noted for his technical excellence when it comes to submissions and counter wrestling. After developing his skills on the independent circuit under his real name of Mark Hughes, he was picked up by Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling in 2006. His character was quickly established as an all business submission king, with his catchphrase being that he gave people three choices: “tap, nap, or snap”.



‘The Tap Out Artist’ MARIO da SILVA

‘The Tap Out Artist’ Mario da Silva is a Brazilian wrestler with a genuine background in jiu-jitsu who uses his submission skills as the base for his ring work, using the threat of chokes, armlocks and leglocks to set up many of his moves. Having lived in Canada since his mid teens, he now holds dual-citizenship.




The talented Mimic is a young Canadian worker who is a five year veteran of the sport at just 23 years old. Originally simply a spot monkey, the past few years have seen him mature a lot, adding a solid technical base to his aerial skills.




Primal Rage is a good heavyweight brawler who is noted for using a very hardcore approach to matches, often using tables in particular. He made his wrestling debut late in life having worked in the insurance industry for many years, but soon made his mark, becoming one of CZCW's mainstays, the highlight of his stay being his winning of the Coastal Zone championship in 2004. He left them in late 2006, feeling that he had achieved all he could with the company, and almost one year later to the day he reappeared in wrestling, this time under the PSW banner. Although he has yet to repeat his CZCW title success in PSW, he has established a very promising tag team with Dead Bolt, a duo who became tag team champions in 2009.



‘King of The Ladder Match’ REMMY SKYE

‘Psyche Out’ Remmy Skye is a high flier from Georgia, who has become something of a cult figure with Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling in recent years. Debuting in 2004 while just 20 years old, Skye quickly won over the fans with a combination of his oddly hypnotic charisma and his insane daredevil moves. Skye is often referred to as the ‘King Of The Ladder Match’, which is down to the fact that he has been involved in some incredible ladder matches over the years, especially with Fox Mask and ex-Zoner Plague. He became CZCW champion for the first time in 2008, unseating James Prudence.




Running Wolf is a young Native American wrestler who first started making appearances on the independent circuit in 2008. The 6'6 290lber is a natural athlete who boasts a good well-muscled physique and clean-cut appearance. Still green, he has the potential to be a good worker and big star in the future.




Sgt. Bubba Lee West was a former Army Ranger who began wrestling professionally shortly after leaving the armed forces. Super tough, and totally believable as a sadistic psycho, he makes a great heel.



STEVEN ‘The Future’ PARKER w/ Krissy Angelle

Steven ‘The Future’ Parker is a young Canadian grappler who is just starting to make waves. Trained by Cliff ‘Dark Angel’ Wilson, Parker spent the first few months of his career as a masked jobber in NOTBPW. In 2005 he became MAW's very first signing, where under Rip Chord's guidance he quickly blossomed into a fantastic prospect. In the summer of 2006 he won the MAW championship, cementing his place as one of the brightest young talents around. His title reign was a good one, as he showcased his versatility by getting good matches out of a variety of different challengers. By the summer of 2007 Rip Chord had assessed Parker as being ready to move on to bigger challenges, and he was soon on his way to the newly formed Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling to join Mitch Naess' revolution.



‘The Colorado Kid’ WILLIE YORK

‘The Colorado Kid’ Willie York was formerly a professional MMA fighter, but after getting knocked out one too many times he switched to begin training to become a pro wrestler instead. A legit tough guy, he incorporates a lot of MMA moves in his arsenal. Willie was a member of the INSPIRE roster during its three year run between 2006 and 2009, and while never a huge success, was a solid member of the midcard. He has not been seen since the company's demise.




Although it may be very early in his career, some veterans of the lucha libre scene are already hailing young Velocidad as the ‘next big thing’ to hit Mexican wrestling. Although he is still inexperienced, inconsistent, and lacking finesse, what cannot be denied is that he is one of the quickest wrestlers you will ever seen, moving around the ring with a dizzying pace and energy. Making his pro debut in September 2006, big things are expected from him.





Zachary Inc is a brawler from Detroit, Michigan who moved north to be trained in the 4C Combat Academy in Canada. Although he is only 218lbs, Zachary is fairly muscular and can dominate most lightweights with strength. One weakness that he will need to address is his horrible conditioning, which often sees him blow up after only a few minutes.






DC Rayne

‘The Storm’ D.C. Rayne is a hot prospect out of Louisiana. The youngster, while still in his rookie year, was lucky enough to be brought into Rip Chord's MAW in 2005, where he was teamed up with another youngster, Eddie Howard. Together they became Natural Storm, and quickly developed into a very good duo, racking up two tag team title wins within their first year together. The experience helped Rayne improve rapidly as a worker, and toward the end of 2007 he and his partner were considered good enough to leave MAW, head south to the new FCW promotion, and put their skills to the test in a new environment. Within two years they had added the FCW tag titles to their resume.


Eddie Howard

‘The Natural’ Eddie Howard is a young powerhouse who is starting to make a name for himself. Whilst still fresh out of training, he was made part of the original MAW roster, where he was teamed up with fellow rookie D.C. Rayne to form the tag team Natural Storm. The two found success early, and won the tag team titles twice in their first year together. Rapidly improving as a worker thanks to Rip Chord's expert guidance, by the end of 2007 Natural Storm was considered a good enough team to leave MAW and test their skills elsewhere. Their first port of call, as arranged for them by Chord, was with the new FCW promotion in Puerto Rico, where within two years they had both added another set of tag titles to their resume and established themselves as one of the hottest acts in the company.




Dean Waldorf

‘Deadly’ Dean Waldorf is a solidly consistent young worker from Chicago. He is primarily a tag team competitor, having spent virtually his entire short career alongside ‘Marvelous’ Marv Statler as The Ring Generals. Having established a name for themselves on the independent circuit they got their first big break in 2007 when they were hired to Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. They got on fairly well in PSW, winning the tag team belts, but were traded to New York City Wrestling in 2009 in exchange for Grandmaster Phunk. The trade - a rarity in modern pro wrestling - suited all three men involved, as their ring styles were much better suited to their respective new homes.


Marv Statler

‘Marvelous’ Marv Statler is a solid wrestler from the Chicago area who is best known for being one half of The Ring Generals tag team alongside ‘Deadly’ Dean Waldorf. The two technically-oriented grapplers made a name for themselves as an extremely reliable old-school style team on the independent scene, and that reputation saw them get hired in 2007 for their first run with a "name" promotion, Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. They got on well in their new promotion, capturing the PSW tag team titles at one point, but were traded to New York City Wrestling in 2009 in exchange for Grandmaster Phunk, a switch that really suited all three competitors.





Adrian ‘Paradigm’ Noelson is a rookie wrestler from the west coast of America. He graduated from CZCW's Coastal Resort training facility in 2009 alongside his best buddies Paradox and Paranoia (jointly known as The Paratroopers), but only had one match for the actual promotion - a losing effort in a opening match six man tag team attraction - before being released as CZCW had nothing for him to do.



Ashton ‘Paradox’ Barnaby is a 2009 graduate of the Coastal Resort, CZCW's training facility. Upon completing his training he had one match on the main CZCW roster - losing an opening match six man tag bout alongside his fellow graduates and good friends Paradigm and Paranoia (collectively known as The Paratroopers) - before being released because the promotion had nothing for any of the three rookies.



Paranoia (real name Andy de Bottom) is a rookie worker from southern California, a 2009 graduate of the Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling training facility, the Coastal Zone. During his training he became good friends with two fellow rookies, Paradigm and Paradox, and the three became known collectively as The Paratroopers. Following graduation, they got to work one match for CZCW - losing a six man tag team bout in the opening match of the evening - before all three were released due to a lack of anything for them to do.




Jay Becker

Jay ‘C-Note’ Becker is a young Canadian worker who is best known for teaming with Malik Cash as The Inner City Express. The duo were picked up by ACPW in 2009, and within three months had become the first ever ACPW tag team champions. Like his partner, Becker is an exciting high flier whose big weakness are his lack of basic training and his inconsistency.


Malik Cash

‘Money’ Malik Cash is a young American risk taker who is best known for teaming with the Canadian Jay Becker as The Inner City Express. The duo has been together since Malik's debut in 2008, and after establishing themselves on the independent circuit they gained enough of a reputation to be hired by ACPW in August 2009. The Express became the first tag team champions of the promotion shortly after. Like Becker, Cash is an exciting fighter to watch, but a very, very inconsistent one.




Rhino Umaga

Rav ‘Rhino’ Umaga, the elder brother of the SWF wrestler Akima Brave, is a second generation Samoan competitor who has been steadily building a career in Japan for the past few years as a formidable power-based fighter. He is probably best known for his regular tag team with Samoan Machine in Golden Canvas Grappling, with the duo having been one of the most savagely dominant in the company over the past two years - they are former GCG tag team champions. Tough as nails and very talented, many think that Rhino can go on to greatness.


Samoan Machine

Samoan Machine (Bali So'oialo) is a very intense competitor who is best known for his work in Japan, where he has spent the majority of his career thus far. Strong, technically skilled, and with the tenacity of a pit bull, Machine is slowly building a fearsome reputation as a top class fighter in the East.


Machine first came to fame with Golden Canvas Grappling, making a name for himself with his performances in the tag team ranks alongside Rhino Umaga. Between 2006 and 2009 he pulled "double duty", dividing his time between GCG and INSPIRE (where he worked under his real name). Since INSPIRE's demise he has returned to working solely for GCG, but his reputation has undoubtedly been improved due to his time in INSPIRE.


OOC: First thing's first. Yeah some of these guys are big stars and whatnot; some of these guys are small and whatnot. The deal is, that the promotion is a hybrid promotion and what not. We're at regional and have a bigger roster and whatnot, so let me tell you straight. Tag Team wrestlers will only wrestle in Tag Team matches (or rarely in singles matches). So, let's just look on shall we?

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w00t, Chicago!


Did you know that in the C-verse 1975 mod, CCW was a development territory to a canadian company (ACPW I think...). Run by a guy named Scooter Hanson.



Nice line up of talent you got there...


@Stars: Steven Parker, Frankie Perez and Fox Mask are all pretty hot commodities. Don't be surprised if they all get stolen by March


@Paratrio: I always liked giving them a manager, calling her Paranormal :D


@Sgt. Bubba Lee: his personality might suck and tank the backstage locker room but man that guy is a great wrestler. Off the top of my head, him and Rhino will have the best menace so don't be afraid to use and abuse those menace angles ;)

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Chicago Championship Wrestling…

Chapter Three: How I Met Davis Ditterich


It was exactly nine o’clock in the morning. I was up; I was up and staring a my PC, setting up Chicago Championship Wrestling’s site and deciding who was gonna do what. One of the progressions from last week was the fact that I was able to get Jim Lou Freebush (of AAA announcing fame) to do commentary with me (yeah, me doing commentary until my knee gets fixed properly for wrestling conditions). I was looking at referees that needed hiring, then I heard a knock at the door. I stood from my chair and walked over twisting and turning the doorknob. I opened the door and saw this man standing at the door…




“Who are you, and what do you want?” I said to the man standing at the door.


“The name is Davis Ditterich. I’ve seen posters around the city of Chicago Championship Wrestling. And after many days of trying to track you down I’ve found you. Your name is Joel Leon, amirite?”


“Maybe it is. What is it to you.”


“Well, hey now that tone of voice ain’t going to sit well with me. I’ve come here to help you.”


“Help me by doing what exactly? Unless you wanna set up the ring before shows, don’t bother asking.”


I was about to shut the door on Ditterich, but the ************ put his foot in the way of the door before it slammed shut.


“Ha, as a former door-to-door salesman – I know every technique about stopping things like that happening. Now, let me just say what I want to do before you go back and—“


He stared inside of my apartment and look at the computer screen…


“Whack off to porn?”


“Dude, you got three seconds to get off my doorstep and out of this apartment complex.”


“…I’m sorry about that. But I’m gonna say what I have to say, and you can take it or leave it. I can be a very good commentator, used to do it in high school during football games. But I make an even better colour commentator. As I said, I was a former door-to-door salesman and charisma was what made your technique. And I will be more than willing to do colour with anybody.”


I paused for a short moment. This was the kinda short opportunity that could actually help the promotion rather than actually hold it back. I looked at Ditterich and then wondered if he really is good at what he says he does. But whatever, I can just fire him if he doesn’t do well…


“Fine, you’ll start work when I phone you. Phone number?”


“Um, yeah – I kinda don’t have one.”


“What do you mean you ‘kinda’ don’t have one. How can you ‘kinda’ not have one.”


“I’m still looking for a place to live. I’ve been crashing at my friend’s house for nearly a year, and the phone line got cut off.”




“Nah, that got cut off too.”


“What? Argh, whatever, just drop by next week.”


“Allllright then!”


“Now get off my doorstep.”


“Allllright then!”


He left. And by that one short discussion, you could say it helped out the promotion alot.

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Live From: The Point, Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, Week Three, January 2010





Two young men face off in the first-ever main event of Chicago Championship Wrestling’s history as it is somewhat of an interpromotional match. Frankie Perez, representing the Costal Zone Championship Wrestling camp and Brandon Smith, representing the Mid Atlantic Wrestling camp. Both compete with similar styles—the Strong Style—and both will be looking to make a statement in the city of Chicago.




Both men have faced off numerous times; but they are prepared to go round the ring yet again for another cause. That cause of course is Chicago Championship Wrestling as we are brining you the best of the cruiserweights, and these two are two of the best. The match is bound to be full of high-flying action and it will keep you all excited.




You could say there’s two elite tag teams heading into this match. You could also say, the winner of this has a strong chance at going into contention to become the first ever CCW Tag Team Champions. The Natural Storm and Samoan Destruction Inc, are very established tag teams. It is no surprise that they will be going all out, for your pleasure.



MARC SPEED versus ‘Tap Out Artist’ MARIO da SILVA

This is an encounter that is bound to be full of submissions and straight-up technical wrestling. Silva is the man walking into the match with a bigger advantage over Speed, that advantage has to be his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background and is dangerous in any position. Standing or on the floor. But what most people tend to forget about Speed is that he can break out of any submission attempt with his actual skill and then tie you in knots afterwards. All I can say is, you better hope nobody gets any limbs broken by submission holds…




Two men who have very similar styles will look to brawl all around The Point club as both Primal Rage and Bubba Lee West meet for the first time ever. Rage, the man who is known to bring the pain and West, the man who is known to use weapons and dirty tricks in his matches meet and this one won’t be pretty.






Lucha Rules? What the **** is Lucha Rules? Lucha Rules is basically a tag team match where you don’t need to make a tag to enter the ring and become the legal person. If the legal person of the team goes outside the ring, anyone on the same team is allowed to enter the ring and become the legal person. The Paratrio are heading into this with bigger experience due to their ‘trios’ tag team experience. Nonetheless, the thrown together team of Velocidad, Mimic and Jayson Van Pelt can be dangerous if they work cohesively.


Main Event: ‘P-Dawg’ Frankie Perez versus Bulldozer Brandon Smith

Remmy Skye versus Fox Mask

Natural Storm versus Samoan Destruction Inc

Marc Speed versus ‘Tap Out Artist’ Mario da Silva

Primal Rage versus Sgt. Bubba Lee West

Lucha Rules: The Paratrio versus Veolcidad, Mimic and Jayson Van Pelt


Predictions Welcome.

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Some great signings there, I love most of the ACPW guys. :)


Main Event: ‘P-Dawg’ Frankie Perez versus Bulldozer Brandon Smith

Remmy Skye versus Fox Mask - How is this NOT a main event?!

Natural Storm versus Samoan Destruction Inc

Marc Speed versus ‘Tap Out Artist’ Mario da Silva

Primal Rage versus Sgt. Bubba Lee West

Lucha Rules: The Paratrio versus Velocidad, Mimic and Jayson Van Pelt

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  • 2 weeks later...



Live From: The Point, Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, Week Three, January 2010




The Paratrio versus Velocidad, Mimic and Jayson Van Pelt

The show opens up with a little ‘Lucha Rules’ six man tag team match as both Velocidad and Paradigm start the whole aerial showcase off with the trading of arm drags. Eventually the first big dive of the night came, and it was Velocidad who made it. Throwing Paradigm overhead with a back body drop to the wooden flooring of the nightclub and then making a running start before diving through the ropes with a suicide dive; and as lucha rules had stated, anybody was allowed to become the legal man. Paranoia and Mimic tore it up, as they both were looking to score big with a move that could potentially put the match in their team’s court. A minute of blistering reversal after blistering reversal was being shown as none of them were able to hit a move, but Paranoia did so and that was a brilliant reverse STO; that nearly put away Mimic, but for a two.


The triple-team moves came into play as the Paratrio hit a triple dropkick on Mimic along with a double suplex and crossbody combination. Mimic fired back on Paranoia, dropping the bomb… the powerbomb that is, but only getting a two. Mimic went for the Screwdriver (scoop piledriver), but found himself hurled to the outside by Paranoia. But Paranoia wasn’t watching Jayson Van Pelt who had ascended to the top rope. The man who has been in the ring for quite some time turned around, and felt the force of Pelt’s Missile Dropkick for a two. ‘The Sensation’ set up for an Axe Kick, but Paranoia cowarded out putting Paradox in the spotlight. Much like the other encounters before, this was a reversal fest and the one that hit the big move had a great advantage. It was Paradox who hit a reverse hurricanrana, dropping Van Pelt on his head that ended it, and he took control from there. However the control didn’t last long as Paradox’s Paralyser (verterbreaker) didn’t connect, Pelt landed on his feet behind the young Californian. Turning him around and then delivering a kick to the stomach, before running to the ropes and coming back with the Axe Kick!


As Paradox dropped onto the canvas, the ring became crowded. With moves coming thick and fast, it was eventually just Velocidad and Paradigm, the men who were in the ring for the first hurdle of the match. Velocidad immediately went for the Velocidad Tornado (multiple revolution headscissors) but Paradigm cartwheeled out of the move when it was about to hit. Velocidad was slow to get up and the luchadore got dropped with a DDT followed by the Drop The Paradigm (springboard moonsault) giving the Paratrio the victory.

The Paratrio [Drop The Paradigm -> Pinfall @ 11’07] Velocidad, Mimic and Jayson Van Pelt




Primal Rage versus Sgt. Bubba Lee West

As expected, this match was a straight-up brawl as Primal Rage was met up the ramp by the psycho soldier as he got rocked with some heavy soup-bones. Rage was forced into retreat but came back with a boot to the gut before suplexing Bubba right onto the steel of the ramp. The crowd was getting into this match as referee Bret Graveson did not know what the hell to expect; until he saw a bunch of chairs being laid to rest on the same ramp the three men were on. Rage—once done with the chairs—lifted up West and picked him up for the scoop slam; but West slipped down behind and nailed a reverse DDT right onto those chairs with a loud clanging ringing through the arena once he hit it.


Seconds later, they had finally entered the vicinity of ringside as Bubba hurled Primal Rage into a nearby guard rail, causing it to topple over in the process. But Rage got right back up and caught Bubba from behind with a Clothesline, before letting out a loud scream. The scream was indeed well received by the fans, and Rage lifted ‘The Sarge’ onto his shoulders. It didn’t take long for the death valley driver to connect nor did it take long for the pinfall to follow; but of course, pinfalls can’t occur outside the ring. Pissed, Rage lifts Bubba and rolls him in the ring as the match gets inside the ring finally.


The match just toned down after it entered the ring, the men traded punches and eventually Bubba hit the Cannon Fodder (full nelson slam) but Rage let the rage come out from inside him (geddit?) and that eventually lead to Bubba’s downfall as he fell to the Silent Scream (pumphandle driver) as that was all she wrote.

Primal Rage [silent Scream -> Pinfall @8’49] Sgt. Bubba Lee West



Marc Speed versus ‘Tap Out Artist’ Mario da Silva

Marc Speed was very cautious at the beginning of the match as the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trained Mario da Silva attempted to take him down in order to lock in a submission of any sort. However, Speed was able to side step the attempts and eventually made his first bit of offence, performing an MMA like sprawl on da Silva as he went for the takedown and then rained down punches as Silva was forced to roll out of it and out to the outside. Silva rethought his gameplan and re-entered the ring as he and Speed locked up, Silva managed to take down ‘Speedball’ and go for an armbar, but Speed reached the ropes within a few seconds. When Speed reached his feet, he was lifted upwards and slammed down with a suplex before Mario went on the submission offence with a kimura; but Speed managed to once again reach the ropes.


The tide was turned after that, Speed unleashed some lethal belly to belly suplexes which threw Mario across each side of the ring; and the problem with that was, he couldn’t counter because of the rate these suplexes were coming at. They were so fast, Mario was worn out by the fifth suplex and was easily taken down by Marc who went for the Cross Armbreaker. However, it was not to be as Mario broke out of it and applied a tight ankle lock. Speed was on the verge of tapping out, but rolled through the ankle lock, taking Mario with him. What followed was the Deadly Heel Hook (heel hook) as Speed pulled back and eventually forced da Silva to tap out.

Marc Speed [Deadly Heel Hook -> Submission @ 6’05] Mario da Silva



The Natural Storm versus Samoan Destruction Inc.

Eddie Howard and Samoan Machine decided to get things started in this tag team match as the big men started to slug it out in the early going. Howard was obviously not the one to get locked up and he wanted to soften up the dangerous Samoan Machine for his partner. Howard irish whipped Machine across the ring as the Samoan came back with a clothesline attempt, the attempt didn’t move one bit and decked Machine with a right hand. Going on the assault, Howard started punching away at Machine as he covered up in the corner. One second later, it was Machine held up high and slammed down with the press slam as ‘The Natural’ hadn’t finished; in fact he was sprinting to the ropes and coming back for the huge jumping elbow, straight on the sternum.


Howard tags out to ‘The Storm’ as D.C Rayne enters the ring, picking up where his partner left off and locking in a camel clutch. The move pulled back on the neck and also pulled back on the neck of Machine as he screamed in agony. However, he was able to stand with Rayne still on his back and charge towards the corner, where he squashed Rayne between his back and the top turnbuckle. After that, Rayne found himself in a bit of bother as a huge backdrop driver followed, but he was able to kick out at two. Machine made the tag to Rhino Umaga who charged in, immediately knocking Eddie Howard off the apron with a massive forearm blow before lighting up Rayne with rapid chops – followed by a beautiful piledriver in the middle of the ring. The pinfall followed, but D.C kicked out just in time.


D.C was able to mount a comeback on the much larger Samoan as he hit him with a superkick, but that superkick didn’t affect him that much as he stood up and walked straight into the Storm Damage (Slingblade). But that Storm Damage didn’t gain the victory as Samoan Machine broke up the pinfall before brawling with Rayne, but then D.C managed to hold off Samoan Machine long enough for Eddie Howard to enter the ring and lift him up from behind, before hitting the aptly named Natural Storm Attack (back suplex and neckbreaker comination). But Machine wasn’t the legal man; it was Rhino Umaga who had shaken off the Storm Damage and was lining up both Rayne and Howard for the… RHINO CHARGE! As he struck both men with the Rhino Charge (running spear), he kicked Howard out of the ring and dragged D.C to the middle of the ring where he locked in the Samoan Crab (high-elevation boston crab) but Rayne reached the ropes. Seconds later, Rayne was being attacked with the SAMOAN Rush (stiff chops, stiff kicks, stiff punches and stiff slap double combo) before eventually falling victim to another Rhino Charge. But Rhino tagged out to Samoan Machine who locked in the Unbreakable Sleeper (rear naked choke) for the submission victory.

Samoan Destruction Inc. [unbreakable Sleeper -> Submission @ 13’20] Natural Storm



Remmy Skye versus Fox Mask

The co-main event of the evening was destined to be a high-flying affair as both men traded arm drags early. Eventually the pace quickened for a few seconds as the men traded reversals, but Fox Mask locked in a headlock before throwing Skye over and applying the resthold. Remmy flailed his arms wildly as he tried his best to break out of the resthold, but managed to kick out of it as both men got to a vertical base. Fox tries to get back in control, but is taken over with a headlock takeover from Remmy who tightly holds the resthold. Like the last resthold, both men get up to a vertical base soon afterwards, but Remmy is taken over with an arm drag and is kept in an armbar. He managed to break out before dropping his former nemesis with a DDT, the first pinfall of the night is made and Fox manages to kick out at two.


The match quickens within the seventh minute of action as ‘The King of the Ladder Match’ and Fox Mask managed to hit a succession of junior moves on eachother. From tilt-a-whirl headscissors to arm drags, the sequence ended when Mask smashed Skye in the face with a real stiff mafia kick. That was followed by a real nice dropkick which floored Skye and last but not least, a standing moonsault which lead to the pinfall. Skye roared back in cracking fashion, hitting an enziguri upside the head of Mask and then climbing to the top rope and hitting a huge leg drop. The pinfall didn’t come next, instead Remmy stalked Fox Mask to his feet… leaping cutter! His nemesis just dropped to the canvas face first as Remmy rolled him up for the pinfall: One… Two…




The fans in the club cheered as Skye called for the Skye Diver (high-angled flip senton) and he climbed to the top rope, though he took too long as Fox was able to get up and run up to the top rope where he performed a top rope hurricanrana, flipping Remmy off the top rope onto the canvas. And as if that weren’t enough, Fox hit the Fox Flip Off DDT (rios driver) for a two. The match finally came down to one moment as Fox performed a drop toe hold on ‘The King of the Ladder Match’, leaving him hung on the middle rope. What came next was phenomenal… FOX HUNTING! The Fox Hunting (west coast pop); the move was followed by a senton right on the chest as Fox picked up the win.

Fox Mask [Fox Hunting -> Pinfall @ 11’56] Remmy Skye



‘P-Dawg’ Frankie Perez versus Bulldozer Brandon Smith

The main event kicked off with the big time intros from Davis Ditterich who did a pretty good job on hyping these men up. The bell rung and Ditterich moved out of the way to let ‘P-Dawg’ and Brandon take center stage in the middle of the ring. Locking up, the more technically-sound Perez throws Bulldozer to the ground and starts to work over his body, slowly but surely the first submission of the match is locked in and it is a camel clutch. Brandon managed to find a way out and get to where he is best at, a standing stance. Smith started firing off rapid stiff chops at the chest of Perez who returned the favor with real hard forearms. Eventually, the two traded them off one by one as eventually, Perez backed down as Brandon knocked him silly with several ‘machine-gun’ chops.


The first of many suplexes in this match happened as ‘P-Dawg’ was hoisted overhead and dropped with a side suplex, the move only gained a one-count but Bulldozer had lifted Perez onto his feet after the count and dropped him with another side suplex. ‘P-Dawg’ kicked out at two and was able to regain control of the match, locking in a headlock and he was able to take the match to the ground yet again with the takeover. As Brandon Smith kicked and punched – trying to find his way out – a very calm, but worn down Frankie Perez was trying his best to get back to a normal condition. His chest had turned a dark shade of purple after the amount of chops he endured. Not able to keep Smith down for long, Perez was forced to let go of the hold and the two were standing up again. They started trading blows, but it was ‘P-Dawg’ who hit a massive STO which floored the former-football star. A pinfall followed, but it was not to be as Smith kicked out at two.


With ten minutes passed, the pace hadn’t quickened. Instead the stiffness of the moves had increased instead and the fans were enjoying every minute of it. The current reigning Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion down in MAW, managed to rock Frankie with a boot to the face before clubbing him with a lariat. Frankie got up straight away and was lifted onto the shoulders of the Bulldozer, who dropped back with the samoan drop; crushing Perez underneath him. And as if that wasn’t enough, Smith got back up and hit a huge senton onto the stomach of Perez as he went for the pinfall. The Robinsdale native was shocked to find out that Perez still had much left inside of him and decided it was time for the end. After a bone-crunching backdrop driver, Perez was lifted for the inverted piledriver. He tried his best t o fight out of it and managed to slip down behind Smith, avoiding the prospect of being dropped on his head.


After another forearm to the face, ‘P-Dawg’ quickly hit a pumphandle slam before going for the cover, getting a very close two; though it didn’t impress him one bit. Instead, he called for the P-Clutch (dragon sleeper clutch) but Smith powered out of it and quickly hit the inverted piledriver. The cover immediately followed as everybody inside The Point held their breath. Referee Bret Graveson counted: One… Two… Three? No, Smith kicked out just in the nick of time and just as Graveson was about to put his hand down for the three. Bulldozer looked up at Graveson as if to say ‘that was definitely a three’ before standing up and grabbing him by the zebra-striped shirt. However, Perez snuck in and rolled up Smith: One… Two… Kickout! Smith reached his feet first after the roll-up and tried to catch Frankie with another lariat, but Perez ducked and scooped him into a torture rack position, he stepped a few steps back before running forward and dropping Smith on his neck with the Perfect Parity (reverse death valley). The impact of it all folded Smith up like an accordion, but he still managed to kick out at two!


Fifteen minutes had passed by the time Bulldozer Brandon Smith had kicked out. He managed to stand on his two feet after a minute had passed, Frankie had done the same. The two men—worn out—had given it their best and were about to go one more round. Perez started things off with a sluggish stiff forearm to the face, Brandon retaliating with a stiff chop. Perez—not wanting to repeat what happened last time—resorted to a headbutt, which caught Brandon off guard and what followed, was stiff kicks at the pace of rapid fire. Over and over again the kicks dropped as Brandon was sent backing into the southwest corner, ‘P-Dawg’ continuously kept on kicking, even when Smith had dropped down into a seated position. Eventually the ‘fighting spirit’ of Brandon Smith had been unleashed and he stood up onto his feet, he started firing off rapid fire chops and eventually hit one hell of a mafia kick for the two count.


It was once again about time for a backdrop driver as Perez’s body had been lifted upwards, and Smith had turned him around in order to lift him up. He pulled back, but Perez rolled out of the backdrop driver and lifted him up for the Perfect Parity and it connected! Perez didn’t waste any time in slapping on the P-Clutch right after it connected . Brandon Smith struggled and struggled to get out of the dragon sleeper clutch that was rightly named the P-Clutch as ‘P-Dawg’ let out a huge yell, as his black hair waved back and fourth. Eventually Bulldozer had passed out and Bret Graveson was left raising his arm. After the third raise, there was no response and Graveson called for the bell. The first main event of Chicago Championship Wrestling had ended by submission.

Frankie Perez [P-Clutch -> Submission @ 18’32] Bulldozer Brandon Smith


Quick Results:

The Paratrio d. Velocidad, Mimic and Jayson Van Pelt

Primal Rage d. Sgt. Bubba Lee West

Marc Speed d. Mario da Silva

Samoan Destruction Inc d. Natural Storm

Fox Mask d. Remmy Skye

Frankie Perez d. Bulldozer Brandon Smith

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Chicago Championship Wrestling…

Chapter Four: The Retirement of The Greatest There Was


“Couldn’t of done it without you Ray.” I said as me and road agent for the show Crippler Ray Kingman were sharing a few beers. For those who aren’t familiar with him; Ray Kingman is a legend in this business. He is the man who has had so many mat wrestling wars throughout the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s that his name has become synonymous with the term ‘mat wrestling’. And if it wasn’t for him, the show would be as great as it was tonight.


“No problem” he said as he took another huge glug of his Budweiser. He took a deep breath and said the next line of his sentence. “Y’know, the wrestling wasn’t half-bad either. The opening was a average, but the quality of the matches picked up after that – and the main event was fantastic.”


“Well, that is all kinda down to you.”


“Yeah, I know, I know.”


As the discussion between us became scarcer, we just enjoyed our drinks. And as good as they were, it didn’t sweeten the bit of news that was coming.


“Joel; I know this is short notice but…”


I stared up at Ray as he took another gulp of the Budeweiser.


“I’m retiring at the end of the month.”


“What? How comes?”


“Old age. I’m not sure my body will hold up for the travelling and whatnot. I mean, I want to see the world. One last time.”


“…Um, well I guess I cannot dispute your ideas now. But when will you retire—I mean our next show is in a couple of weeks…”


“I’ll do it shortly after your show; I mean I think I owe you something for giving me a job—even if it was for one night.”


“You know what Ray; I think an appearance would fit you just right…”


“What d’you mean an ‘appearance’. Not many people will know me for the draw; it’s not like I’m some big time superstar retiring is it now?”


“Actually you’d be surprised. Alot of people know who you are; I mean your Ray ****in’ Kingman. King of the mat wrestling and the man who has made mat wrestling what it is today in the business. Of course everybody will know who you are.”


“I’ll think about it.”


“That’s not good enough; you might as well, I mean your doing road agent work the same night so you got to make an appearance. Heck, maybe even a special referee spot will do fine.”


“You know what, maybe I will take up on your offer. So what do you want me to ref?”


“The finals of the CCW Heavyweight title tournament.”


“Tournament? When did you come up with this idea.”


“Last night; didn’t discuss it with anybody but I guess it’s the right way to go about it instead of just giving it to some random dude.”


“Alright, I actually do hope you know what your doing…”


That was it about the wrestling talk really; but the retirement may leave me wounded but it will give an opportunity for someone else to fill the ‘void’ once he’s gone. But I have a candidate in mind…


We here at Chicago Championship Wrestling will be holding a weekend-double. Yes that’s right, two shows in one weekend. On Saturday, we will be seeing a steel cage rematch between two men who have developed a hatred for eachother. And on the Sunday; we will see the first-ever CCW Heavyweight Champion be crowned.




Live From: The Point, Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, Week Four, February 2010
























Main Event Steel Cage Match: Sgt. Bubba Lee West versus Primal Rage

Antonio Del Veccio versus Fox Mask

The Ring Generals versus Cameron Vessey and Brendan Idol

Dagger versus Steven ‘The Future’ Parker

Henry Lee versus Animal Harker

Brimstone versus Remmy Skye versus Velocidad

Zachary Inc versus Willie York




Live From: The Point, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, Week Four, February 2010



Winners Advances to Four Way Elimination Dance for the CCW Heavyweight Title Which Will Be Refereed by ‘Crippler’ Ray Kingman






‘P-Dawg’ FRANKIE PEREZ versus ‘The Tap-Out Artist’ MARIO da SILVA




















CCW Heavyweight Title Match; Four Way Elimination Dance: ??? versus ??? versus ??? versus ???

Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st Round: Bulldozer Bandon Smith versus Henry Lee

Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st Round: Frankie Perez versus Mario da Silva

Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st Round: Remmy Skye versus Fox Mask

Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st Round: Steven 'The Future' Parker versus Antonio Del Veccio

Dagger versus Brimstone

Velocidad versus Brendan Idol

Marc Speed and Natural Storm versus The Paratrio

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