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Email messages that might be helpful.

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1. If your team qualifies for a conf championship game get an email from conference commissioner or your AD that says something like "Congrats on making it to the conference championship game as the winner of the Big XII North where you will be facing #12 Texas." or something like that. (On a side note, are conf championship games played at neutral sites. I know there is a home and away team, but do they receive home advantage?) 2. If your team qualifies for a bowl... A message from your AD "We have accepted an invitation to the Gator Bowl where we will face #11 South Carolina in Week 22." (Do something similar if you use a playoff format. "We are the #6 seed in the playoffs and will face #11 seed Miami in the first round." I haven't tried the playoff format, so I apologize if this already exists.) --Tweak the message if you qualify for a GDCS Bowl or the National Championship game. 3. If your team does not get into a bowl/playoff... "Sorry, but we were not invited to participate in a bowl game (the national playoff)..." 4. A final season message after the GDCS Bowls/Playoff Championship game. "Southern California has won the National Championship Trophy after defeating Texas 37-16."
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