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9 point td - bug

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Florida ball, Q3, 3-4-LSU10 (02:30) 26-13 Offense: Outside Run, Set: SingleBack, Play: SB-HB-power-RE (outside run) Defense: Normal, Set: 4-4, Play: 44-norm-Man-Spy (normal) QB Zach Tingelhoff hands to RB MacArthur Mestnik. he runs right, makes a man miss and dives for the enzone - touchdown!FLA: Gain of 10 on the play. Florida ball, Q3, 1-0-LSU0 (02:02) 32-13 Tee Stocz will attempt the 21 yard field goal.The snap is good, here's the kick it's in there. Florida ball, Q3, 1-10-FLA35 (01:45) 35-13 NOT COOL WHEN YOU'RE LSU AND GETTING YOUR ASS WHUPPED!!!
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