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Great looking game guys.....really looking forward to the full release. The beta demo was a great idea. I've really been impressed with the responsiveness of the entire beta team with user questions and suggestions. Here are a couple of questions/comments I have after going through a couple of seasons: 1.) I have a vertical passing offensive philosophy, but my off. coordinator likes smash mouth. I let the AI suggest the gameplan for me for an entire season and we ran the ball much more than we threw it. Is the off. coordinator's preference taking over here or is that about what you would expect from a vertical passing philosophy? Our record was 4-7 (ie. behind in a lot of games) and we had about 100 more run attempts than pass attempts for the season. 2.) On starter's playing time, I globally set all of their PT to 30%. However, it appears some positions never substituted becasue when I look at the post game stats, I don't any stats for the subs. For some positions (QB, RB) the distribution looked perfect. However, for positions all other positions (in particular, both O and D lines), it looks like there is very litte, if any participation by the subs. Not sure if this is a bug or if I am missing something. One thing that could answer the question very quickly is...... 3.) I would love to be able to see the number of plays in which each player has participated (either overall or run vs. pass). If I am choosing between starting two OTs that have each allowed two sacks, it would be very helpful to know that one of them gave up that many sacks in 100 pass plays whereas the other gave that many up in only 10 pass plays. 4.) On the team roster and teams stats pages, it would be nice to be able to sort by position. 5.) In the PBP box, would it be possible to include the down, distance and location prior to the PBP starting? Once again, great looking game. Thanks in advance for any feedback on my notes above.
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