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Recruiting Pool GPA Thoughts

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I have run several tests and have noticed the following with respect to the available pool of recruits... 1) Players coming out of High School have a GPA range of 1.7 - 2.5 2) Players coming out of Junior College have a GPA range of 2.0 - 3.5 3) On average the Junior College players have higher GPA's than the High School Players 4) Top recruits tends to have a large quantity of Junior College players with GPA's over 3.0 5) Nearly all of the top High School players have GPA's at or below 2.0 **Real World - Observation** Generally speaking, players coming from the Junior College ranks either had academic problems coming out of High School or lacked in talent coming out of High School. **Suggestion For Realism** 1) High School recruits should have GPA's that range up to 4.0 2) While it is very possible for a Junior College player to be a top rated player...the probability of a top rated player with high grades to come from the Junior College ranks is very low
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